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Providing support during the crisis in Ukraine

March 02, 2022

We’re supporting members affected by events in Ukraine with a critical incident toolkit, including articles and podcasts, as everyone tries to understand the impact of the situation and process this event.

Confidential professional counselling is also available 24/7 to all members, when they call our Expat Assistance Programme (international numbers are available at TELUS Health).

In addition, a Crisis Support Line is available for those in need of emotional support in relation to events in Ukraine. The Crisis Support Line is open day and night and can be reached in the following: 

This resource is available to anyone and everyone, customers or not. Our Helpline is also available 24/7, providing assistance to all insured members in an emergency situation or in need of a medical evacuation.
* Certain services which may be included in your plan are provided by third party providers outside the Allianz Group, such as the Expat Assistance Programme and Travel Security services. If included in your plan, these services will show in your Table of Benefits. These services are made available to you subject to your acceptance of the terms and conditions of your policy and the terms and conditions of the third parties. These services may be subject to geographical restrictions. You understand and agree that AWP Health & Life SA (Irish Branch) and AWP Health & Life Services Limited 

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