Allianz Partners accelerates the digitalization of its health services

September 16, 2019

Patients want healthcare to be simple and easy, and the digital transformation of medicine promises to deliver better and more accessible care. Allianz Partners is advancing in incorporating digital technology into its health products and services, creating a comprehensive and simplified healthcare journey to support customers at all stages, whether it is a regular consultation or a wellness issue.

A highly secure and private teleconsultation service offering is a key component of Allianz Partners’ holistic health approach. Today, more than 7 million Allianz Partners’ customers in 9 countries across the world including Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, UK and United Arab Emirates, can contact doctors 24/7 via on-demand video or a simple phone call.

Allianz Partners’ customers can reach doctors by phone or video through a variety of devices (website, smartphone, etc.). Once connected, accredited doctors will conduct a full consultation, during which they may ask the patient to examine or to show certain parts of their body via video; the doctor will then establish a diagnosis and a treatment plan, monitoring in agreement with the patient, and may issue medical prescriptions* (in accordance with their local regulatory requirements), and in the most severe situations, redirect towards emergency services. However, in most cases, a teleconsultation is enough to resolve the issue.

The Group plans to further expand this service to all of Europe in early 2020. Medical experts across Allianz Partners Group work hand in hand with the Health Innovation Center in the implementation of teleconsultation services as well as other digital health solutions.

 *Depending on local legislation, this service is not available in every country  

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