Serious Illness Cover

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The quick estimate presented here is non-binding as it is based on a number of assumptions which may not be applicable to your business. To request a binding quote please complete the form below and return it to sales@allianzworldwidecare.com or contact our sales team on +353 1 514 8442 (available 9-5pm GMT, Mon-Fri) if you require assistance to complete the form.


1. The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only.

2. Quotes, prices and/or rates displayed are of non-binding nature i.e. estimates only.  This estimation is not an offer of cover or an offer of cover at the price and/or rates displayed. This will be an indicative "non-binding" estimate intended to provide a rough guide for marketing purposes only. There is no expressed or implied guarantee that you will be offered cover. The quick estimate presented here is based on a number of assumptions which may not be applicable to your business. Please request a tailored quote by completing the quote request form to get an accurate price.

3. If the group you want to insure includes:

  • Between 3 and 24 employees (small group schemes)
    The scheme will be subject to underwriting. This means that your employees will need to complete an Application Form and respond to medical questions on their health status. We will consider their responses to confirm the cover we can offer.  Applicants are assumed to be healthy with no significant pre-existing conditions for the purpose of this quick estimate.
  • Between 25 and 49 employees (medium group schemes)
    Eligible employees will need to complete a Health Declaration Form. Pre-existing medical conditions are not covered. 
  • 50 or more employees (large group schemes)
    Underwriting will not apply at group inception. Pre-existing medical conditions are not covered. 

4. We round up to the nearest Euro, Dollar, Pound or Swiss Franc.

5. Cover will only be valid for medical cases confirmed after the relevant waiting period.

6. Cover is based on our Avenue Plans and is subject to product availability, terms and conditions, exclusions, benefit limits and area of cover of the policy.  Cover is not provided if any element of the cover, benefit, activity, business or underlying business violates any applicable sanction law or regulations of the United Nations, the European Union or any other applicable economic or trade sanction law or regulations.  Please refer to Benefit Guide and Table of Benefits for full details of cover.

7. The cover provided by Avenue is not suitable as a substitute for local compulsory health insurance. Cover in some countries may be subject to local health insurance restrictions and it is your responsibility to ensure that your health cover is legally appropriate.

8. Full annual premium is paid up front, no part payments e.g. half-yearly, quarterly or monthly.

9. The country you live in is the same for all persons to be covered under this group policy. For an accurate price, please request a tailored quote by completing the quote request form .

10. All employees are under 65 years of age, and dependant children are aged from 90 days or over.  The cover will end on the renewal date following members’ 70th birthday.

11. Prices and/or Rates do not include any local insurance premium taxes (IPT), VAT, fees or charges.

12. No deductible / excess applies i.e. no out of pocket expenses for your employees other than costs beyond any benefit limits outlined in the table of benefits.

13. The insurance cover will be subject to local regulations in your jurisdiction.

14. Premium is based on a policy beginning today.

15. Plan selections are tied to a single level of cover selector in this quick estimate tool.