Allianz Partners has announced a preferred partnership deal which will see it take on the majority of Aetna International’s health insurance portfolio outside the Americas, Thailand, and India. Allianz Partners and Aetna International are working closely together, and with the global broker community, to make the migration as easy and seamless as possible for customers. 

To do so, Allianz Partners has created a new version of Aetna International’s very popular, flexible and competitive Summit product. Combining the best of Aetna International and Allianz Partners approach to bring an even more attractive product to market for the SME segment.

Group Business Migration
International Healthcare for Small and Medium Corporate Groups.  Available for corporate groups of 3+ employees .
To help you understand the cover we offer, you’ll find all the Summit plan documentation including Benefits Guides, Tables of Benefits, and Application forms on the Summit Digital toolkit page. For the explanation of the changes between the Aetna plans and the new Allianz plans, click on the Change Document button.
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26 - 27 /07/2022

Taking care of your individual business

Allianz Partners: taking care of your SME business


Moving forward with Allianz Partners


Aetna International enters into a deal with Allianz Partners
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