Visas for Egypt

Travellers to Egypt will need a valid passport and possibly a tourist visa, depending on their nationality. Anyone wishing to settle down in Egypt in the long term will need to obtain a residence visa. In addition, those looking to take up employment will need a work permit.

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Healthcare plans designed specifically for expatriates and local nationals living in Egypt.

There’s a handful of countries that have agreements with Egypt that allow their nationals to enter the country visa-free. However, most expats will need a visa to be allowed entry into Egypt. Getting one is still relatively simple for most people, as citizens from a number of countries, including the USA, the UK, all EU states, New Zealand, Australia and Canada, among others, are able to obtain a visa on arrival in Egypt.

Those who aren’t able to enter Egypt visa-free or obtain a visa on arrival will need to apply for their Egyptian visa ahead of time. Nationals of certain countries are eligible to apply for a visa online (known as an eVisa), while others will have to apply in person at their nearest Egyptian consulate.

For the most up-to-date information on nationality requirements regarding tourist visas for Egypt, travellers can get in touch with their local Egyptian consulate.

If expats will be in Egypt for longer than 90 days, they will need a residence visa. This permit is also needed to work or study in the country. Once obtained, residence visas are renewable and issued with a validity of up to five years. After 10 years of continuous residence in Egypt, expats are entitled to apply for citizenship.

If an expat plans to take up employment in Egypt, they will need a work permit in addition to a residence permit.

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The process of acquiring a work permit for Egypt can be complicated. Luckily, employers will usually take care of the bulk of the paperwork involved in the application.

Because work permit applications require the participation of the expat's employer, it is not possible to obtain a work permit without a solid job offer from an employer in Egypt.

Before expats and their employers can begin the process of applying for a work permit, they will need to get clearance from the relevant authorities in Egypt and the employee will need to undergo an HIV test.

Applicants must submit a work permit application form along with numerous supporting documents. Once expats have secured a work permit for Egypt, it is usually valid for a year, after which it will need to be renewed.