Happiness Hub

Happiness Hub

Finding Happiness can be an elusive experience, especially when living away from the support of family and friends. Allianz Care has teamed up with Vanessa King, Science of Happiness Expert, to explore happiness, its benefits and the steps Expats can take to impact wellbeing and happiness in their professional and private life.

Watch Vanessa King, Science of Happiness Expert, for our on demand webinar on how to factor happiness into day to day expat life.
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Take our Expat Happiness Habits Quiz today to identify areas you may want to focus on to make the most of expat life.
Looking for helpful tips and tricks on how to weave more happiness into your life? Dr Jolanta Burke, Chartered Psychologist, joins us for our 7 Days of Happiness' series. 
The good news is, yes! Research from psychology and neuroscience, is showing that happiness is a skill that can be learned. Watch Science of Happiness Expert, Vanessa King’s video on the skill of happiness to find out how.

Learn more about how to feel happy today.
Can we learn to be happy?
what is happiness
We use the word ‘happy’ a lot but how often do we think about what it really means? Is it fleeting moments of pleasure or something more?
Watch Vanessa King’s video on What is Happiness, to understand what truly makes us happy as expats and in life.

Find out more about the meaning of happiness.
Should we take our happiness as expats seriously? It turns out we should, but not for the reasons you might think.
Watch Vanessa King’s video on The Science of Happiness and the difference feeling happy can make to our professional lives.
Find out more about the Science of Happiness.
Vanessa King is a Leading expert in the practical application of positive psychology in workplaces and communities. She combines in-depth knowledge of the science of motivation, happiness, resilience, and wellbeing to enable people to get the most from work and life. Vanessa holds a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Dr Jolanta Burke is a chartered psychologist (British Psychological Society) specialising in applying Positive Psychology in daily life, whose mission is to help people live a better life. As an Senior Lecturer and researcher in the Centre for Positive Psychology and Health at RCSI University of Medicine and Social Sciences in Ireland, Dr Burke lectures in topics such as wellbeing, positive education, positive leadership,  physical, psychological health and research. In our 7 Days of Happiness series, Dr Burke provides helpful tips and tricks on how we can weave more happiness into our lives.
How does happiness affect us as Expats?
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What is happiness and why is it important on expat assignment?
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So, what does self-care mean? 

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Discover scientifically proven ways to improve your resilience as an expat 
Make some space in your life for a little more happiness.
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The short answer is, yes! Research from psychology...
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Discover expert tips for to improve the quality of your relationships.
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So how do you raise a happy child?
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Discover why it matters more for expats.
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Discover easy ways to incorporate meaning into expat life 
Even in the most difficult times there is room for joy. Let's create a #Happier World Together #InternationalDayOfHappiness 
Make one small change a day by taking the 30 days challenge and #TakeBackHappy.
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