5 steps to a happier you

April 13, 2020
An optimistic mind-set is key to attaining happiness. Expecting a positive outcome, even in difficult situations, can help to allay worries and stresses. Positive thinking is not naivety, blindly ignoring problems and hoping for the best. It is approaching a situation in a more productive way. Perception is everything, the glass is often half full depending on the angle you view it.
You hold the tools to attaining happiness and only you can obtain it for yourself. Your happiness is unique to you. Don’t seek happiness through other peoples validation. Wear your favourite outfit,  it doesn’t belong in the closet waiting for a special occasion. Every day is special! Listen to your favourite music, it may not be to everyone’s taste. But it's your favourite. Indulge yourself, you work hard and deserve to be treated. Take pleasure in the simple things in life, happiness follows joy.
We are surrounded by opportunities for happiness, but we don't always see them. Focus on your environment and try to live in the moment. There is immense joy to be found right now by focusing on what you can see, hear or feel. Too often we are not focused on the task at hand and with an absent mind miss the pleasure which is right there. Or we wish the week away in anticipation of the weekend, only to spend our weekend preoccupied with thoughts of Monday morning. Happiness can be found in the here and now. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. 
The world is a happier place when we connect with those around us. Modern society is leaving many people feeling disconnected, isolated and lonely. You can change that right now, reach out to that new colleague or that neighbour you haven't gotten around to saying hello to yet and make some positive connections. Don’t wait for someone else to make the first move. You can bring the happy.

Declutter. Whether it's your home, your desk, your diary, your inbox or your mind. Tidying up and cleaning out provides space for happiness. Decluttering will force you to make decisions, prioritise and simplify. Take a leaf from Marie Kondo, get organised and 'spark joy'.


Today, do something special to bring the joy. Text a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while and ask how they are, treat your partner or yourself to a little gift, ask a colleague to lunch. You decide, the important thing is to do it! Simple actions can bring great happiness #TakeBackHappy.