Allianz Care and Vanessa King, Science of Happiness Expert, have created a Happiness Hub. With a series of videos and articles the hub is designed to help expats find their “happy place” no matter where they are.
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Making plans to move abroad? Read our "know before you go" series to find out specific information about your destination such as: costs of living, cultural practices, special dates and more.
Are you looking for international job opportunities? We have some tips to help you prepare for an expat interview.
Relocating to another country is an exciting adventure, but it can provide unexpected challenges for stay-at-home/dependent partners or trailing spouses.
Living and working overseas may be something you have always wanted to do, and when you look back on your time as an expat, it could well prove to be a highlight of your life. But when you first move, culture shock may make things difficult. 
The need for companies to place their best people in foreign countries has increased over the past decade due to growing world trade, saturated domestic markets and increased competition.
One of the biggest challenges when moving overseas to live as an expat, is how to get your life’s possessions from one part of the world to another, easily and without it costing a fortune in both shipping and import charges.
There are so many things to think about when moving overseas to work as an expatriate; the documents you need to bring with you can easily end up at the end of the list.

A primary concern for many expat parents is obtaining a high quality education for their children while living overseas, we look at some of the educational options available to expat families.
As a new or soon to be expat, one of the challenges you may face is managing your finances while overseas. When you are juggling a new role, unpacking boxes and getting used to a different culture, it is easy to let your finances go by the wayside.
If you are joining the almost 60 million professionals working on an expat assignment in another country, there is a lot to think about, not the least of which is the tax implications of your move.