10 must-have apps for expats

22 July 2021
Packing is probably one of the biggest stressors for any expat when relocating internationally. Well now you can ditch those paper checklists and excel spreadsheets thanks to a really cool app called Packing Pro. This app provides you with a personalised packing list according to your destination, the weather there and the number of people relocating, including children, babies, and even pets. 
Hopper is a travel booking app that searches for the cheapest prices on flights and hotels. It tells you when to book flights as well as saves you money in the process. The app aggregates a list of possible travel dates and destinations depending on your search, and it will tell you when the best time to buy is. 
Want to learn the native language of your host country? Duolingo is a free app that helps expats learn the local language through easily digestible 5-10 minute lessons and games. This fun approach to learning can be great when you’re getting to grips with a new language. The app is designed to keep you engaged, rewarding you with points for correct answers while slowly reinforcing your vocabulary and improving your grammar over time. 
Spotted by Locals is the best app for expats who want to skip the tourist highlights, and experience their new city from a real local’s perspective. With over 80 city guides, it’s an excellent source of both tips and recommendations from knowledgeable locals who write about their favourite spots. The maps and guides can also be used offline when you’re out and about.

Finding your way around in a new city is never easy. CityMapss2Go puts a map of most major cities in your pocket for offline access, so even if you’re low on battery or conscious of your phone data, you can easily access a map to find your way around.

As well as up-to-date, detailed and well-designed maps, it also features photos and comprehensive information on footpaths, bikeways and public transport. Incorporating 60,000 destinations in more than 150 countries, wherever you find yourself, this app will help you get your bearings.

InterNations is a very useful expat social network which hosts regular events in over 420 cities around the world allowing you to connect with fellow expats. It also provides helpful, downloadable guides for moving to your new home. 
When you first relocate abroad, it can be difficult to meet new people, particularly if you work long hours or don’t enjoy going to bars. MeetUp is a great tool for making connections in your new city by offering you the ability to search for local groups of people who enjoy a certain activity or hobby, helping you reach out to individuals who share similar interests with you.
This app gives live exchange rates of more than 170 countries and can be used even without an Internet connection. The currency converter is particularly useful if you travel a lot or if you are not yet familiar with the currency of your new host country. 
Living abroad comes with many unexpected challenges from loneliness to culture shock. Headspace is one of the best and most popular meditation apps out there, and its guided meditations can be really beneficial in helping you deal with both stress and homesickness. It also has Move Mode, which pairs exercise with meditation, so you can work out your body and your mind at the same time. 
If you want to keep in touch with family and friends, Postagram is a fun app that allows you to send personalised postcards straight from your phone. All you need to do is take a photo with your smartphone camera (or choose one from your Instagram or Facebook account) and with the click of a button, it’ll make sure a glossy high-quality postcard of your photo will drop through your loved one’s letterbox, with whatever 140-character message you choose.