9 Best Menopause Podcasts for Expats in 2023 

August 2023
When navigating through menopause, having support and reliable information is essential. Podcasts are a fantastic way to connect with others and get advice from medical professionals and those who’ve gone through the same experience. We have curated a list of the best menopause podcasts that are informative, engaging, and empowering for women navigating through this journey. So, sit back, relax and discover some fantastic resources that can help you better understand menopause.
Hello Menopause offers weekly episodes that promise honest fun and helpful advice. Hosted by co-founders Christine Maginnis and comedian Robin Gelfenbien, each week they invite real women transitioning through menopause to share their genuine stories and experiences. Their goal for each episode is to make sure no woman feels alone in their experience. You are guaranteed to laugh while listening to the relatable and vulnerable conversations they have with women from all walks of life. 
Podcast host Anita Powell discusses menopause and midlife from her perspective as a Black woman. You can expect topical discussions around the resources and experiences of women during menopause, with open and honest discussions on race, gender and the challenges experienced by Black women during this transition. Guest speakers include business owners, medical professionals, and real women with firsthand experience of menopause. 
The Happy Menopause host Jackie Lynch is an award-winning nutritionist. In each episode, Jackie takes you through expert advice on how to live your best life pre- and post-menopause. Focused on helping women navigate this significant phase of life with confidence and positivity, each episode discusses lifestyle and dietary advice to ensure you support your health in the best possible way during menopause. 
Dr Louise Newson is known as a leading menopause expert and founder of The Menopause Charity, so you are guaranteed expert advice and support on all the challenges of menopause. In each episode, Dr Newson interviews experts in different fields to help provide women with unbiased and evidence-based support, with personal stories and practical advice to help you navigate your menopause journey.
This weekly podcast is hosted by a group of women who are passionate about creating a stronger voice for women in midlife and beyond. Discussing everything from relationships, careers, and health to interviews from experts and celebrities, Hot Flashes & Cool Topics has something for everyone. 
The Thriving in Menopause podcast was created to help women embrace their experiences with confidence. Hosted by Australia's best health experts who share simple ways that can make menopause easier and less overwhelming, the podcast is focused on supporting women to embrace self-care, health, and wellbeing. Expect thought-provoking conversations and expert advice to minimise even the worst symptoms. 
If you are looking for a natural approach to managing your menopause symptoms, then this podcast is the perfect resource to help you. Hosted by naturopath Jennifer Harrington, who focuses each podcast on evidence-based natural therapies, enjoy in-depth discussions with special guests in each weekly episode. Jennifer's thoughtful episodes are focused on helping women through their transition as naturally and smoothly as possible. 
The Not Your Mother’s Menopause podcast offers expert advice on women’s health with discussions from specialists in restorative endocrinology, neurology, and medicine. Aimed at empowering women with knowledge to help them to embrace menopause, not only will you get reliable resources, but they also host a series of patient stories, giving you an insight into how other women have managed their health during menopause. 
Hosted by experts in women’s health Sarah Auerswald and Julia Frey, you can expect discussions on a whole host of topics related to woman’s health, including hormonal changes, symptoms, self-care, and mental health. Each episode of Menopodcast is packed full of interviews with medical professionals, personal stories, and alternative practitioners, all sharing practical tips and resources to help women transition through menopause in the 21st century.
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