Achieving balance in your life and what 'balance' looks like 

 December 2023 

Do you find yourself feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and that there are never enough hours in the day? In today’s fast paced world, the question of how to find balance has never been more important. According to health experts, maintaining a healthy life balance is not only essential for health and happiness, but it can boost productivity and career success as well. 

If you are looking for more balance in your life but you can’t seem to make it work for you, here are nine tips that will help:

Saying “yes” to everything can leave you feeling burnt out and lacking the energy to focus on what is important. Learning to say "no" is an essential skill that will help you to set boundaries and prioritise your time, so you are not always overcommitting yourself. 
Occasionally setting aside some time just for you can work wonders for your mood, mental health, and self-esteem. Schedule a spa visit, eat at your favourite restaurant, unwind in a bubble bath, declutter your space, listen to soothing music, or just sleep in. It’s all about ensuring that you have some dedicated me-time time in your life to recharge and feel refreshed.
Studies show that sleep, nutrition and exercise play a huge role in mental health and well-being. Remember to get enough sleep, eat a well-balanced diet, and get plenty of physical exercise into your routine.
Take time to meditate as part of your daily routine. Set aside 10 minutes at the same time every day to sit in a quiet space and meditate. You’ll notice that you have a clearer view of the world and you begin to stress less.
Making time in your day for the relationships in your life is critical for maintaining balance. Even when you are busy or stressed, carve out time to hang out with your friends and family, whether it’s a family dinner or coffee date with a friend. Friendships can help you lower stress and increase your overall sense of well-being.
When life gets really hectic, taking care of yourself is often the first thing to suffer. A regular self-care routine such as treating yourself to a monthly pedicure, massage or facial, is vital for maintaining balance in your life.
Spending time in nature is one of the most balancing things you can do. Making time in your day to get outdoors - whether it’s just taking your dog for a stroll in the park - getting your heart rate up and your body moving boosts your physical and mental health. Just 20 minutes spent in nature is enough to lower your stress hormone levels, according to research.
Devote time each week to a hobby you love or to learning a new one you’ve always wanted to try such as gardening, photography, art, writing, hiking, or baking. Hobbies boost your mood, energy and motivation. 
Consider implementing a “screen-free” time each day or for the entire weekend to disconnect from your devices. Turn off your phone, put away your laptop and take a break from social media. Take time to read, go outside or visit a loved one instead.
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