Meet Anna, DIY'er and care champion

     February 21, 2020
It really all began with my kids. As they started finger painting and sculpting with play-doh, my stash of craft supplies grew, so I started to create my own personal projects. My love for DIY just grew from there!
My favourite thing has to be the challenge of trying something new. It’s not a big deal if I make mistakes, it’s something new after all, but I don’t let myself give up either. Finishing the project is the real reward.
A few years ago, I made money boxes for my sons. Complete with a side door to remove the coins, a drawer under the box to fit “paper money” (as they called it at the time), a secret compartment at the back, topped with a hinge and a combination lock and finally, finished with wrapping paper that matched their personalities. One of the boxes has since been destroyed (he forgot the lock’s combination), but one of them is still in good condition, and my boys brag about them, so those are definitely what I’m most proud of.
Yes and no. The projects are purely my own and I can be pretty protective of them! However, I work on them out in the open with the kids, and get them involved on specific portions of the projects (that I have pre-approved, of course). A lot of what I make is for them or for the home, so their input is really important to me.
It reminds me that I am still able to learn new things and to not be afraid of something just because I don’t understand it’s inner workings. It has taught me that instead of saying “I don’t know how to do that,” I can say, “I haven’t learned how to do that yet.” My work involves a lot of excel spreadsheets, and instead of being afraid of excel and its many tables and formulas, I take each challenge as an opportunity to learn how to do something new.
Youtube is your best friend - watch as many videos as you can! It’s great to see the different paths people take when creating something, and then take bits of advice from all of them before starting on your own. 
I am a Quality Specialist in the Claims Department.
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