5 best countries for expat families 

October 04, 2019
Making the decision to work abroad as an expat when you have a family, adds a layer of complexity to an already difficult situation. dummy How do you choose a school for expat children? How will they react to leaving their friends and family behind during their formative years? dummy What if they don’t settle in their new home? These are all questions every expat parent has. If you are fortunate enough to have a choice of expat location and want to make life easier for yourself and your children, here are some of the dummy best countries for expat families from the InterNations Family Life Index:

This Nordic nation has been the number one destination for expat families for some years.

What makes it so good? Finland regularly occupies a top three spot for:

• Availability and cost of childcare 

• Standard of education

• Family well-being 

This central European country contains a wealth of variety from the bustling city of Vienna to the ski destinations in the Alps.  There is much to explore on days off and weekends.  

What makes it so good for expat families? Childcare, healthcare and education are of good quality and easily available which makes Austria a popular expat family destination. It is worth noting, it may be a tricky place to meet local friends though as it ranks 65th out of 68 countries for friendliness.  

This Eastern European country is now one of the best places on the continent for expat families. 

What makes it so good? Like the others, quality of education, healthcare and childcare are good. What differentiates Czechia is its affordability. It is a very budget friendly place to live and enjoy quality family life.

The most southern of the Nordic nations, Denmark is regarded as one of the most socially developed countries in the world. The Danes prioritise health, education and well-being for all, free of charge or at a subsidised cost. 

What makes it so good for expat families?

All of the above make it a wonderful place to live with a family. English is widely spoken as a second language. It is worth noting, a little like Austria, it can be tricky to make friends with locals initially but once you do, you will be friends for life. Also be aware of the winters in Denmark, they are harsher than other parts of Europe and it remains dark for most of the day late in the year.

Similar to Denmark, Sweden puts a lot of focus on social development making family life much easier than in some other countries. 

What makes it so good for expat families?

The overall quality of life makes Sweden a great destination for expats. It is a world leader in the basics of good family life. Although your salary may not be what you would receive as an expat in another country, you will benefit from the services provided if you have children. It is also pioneering when it comes to LGBT+ rights, so a great place for families within this community to consider. A word of warning though, research the winters. Temperatures are likely to fall well below what you are used to. Appropriate clothing will be essential.

dummy Work life balance also requires research when moving abroad, the average working week, paid holiday time, maternity and paternity leave are all important factors to consider before making the move

Expat life is likely to have a big impact on your family. If you can choose where to work, it may be worth considering some of these options.

Don’t forget the health and wellbeing of your family when you are living and working abroad, international health insurance tailored specifically to families will ensure you receive the medical care you need while you are away.