Best places for digital nomads

April 28, 2020

If you are looking for a quiet life, Hoi An is somewhere to consider. There’s an ancient town centre surrounded by rice paddies and farms. You will find lots of cafés in the centre of Hoi An and there is a recently opened co-working space that makes networking with other digital nomads easy.

Why? Beautiful scenery, quality Wi-Fi and good networking opportunity.

Vibe: relaxed and quiet.

Known as the city of 100 towers and the rooftop of Europe, it is the architecture of Prague that will strike you at first. This city in the heart of Europe is a fantastic place to base yourself as a digital nomad. It is a heritage and cultural hub with a café tradition that makes remote working easy. If you love city life, then Prague may be the best place to work as a digital nomad in 2020. One thing to note, winter in Prague is cold, so it might be best to arrive in spring so you have 9 months to prepare!

Why? Views, buzzing city life, affordable cost of living and established co-working spaces

Vibe: cool, buzzing city

There are rumours amongst the digital nomad community that not only is Plovdiv an up and coming destination, but it may well take over from Chang Mai as one of the most popular places for location independent working in the world. When you look at this Bulgarian city, it’s easy to see why. Plovdiv is the third oldest continually inhabited city in the world so it is jammed full of history and culture. At the same time, it is a city that continues to embrace change. Kapana, now the creative district, has evolved into a hub for art, crafts and food.

Why? Small, safe, accessible city with fantastic Wi-Fi, café culture and art scene

Vibe: Hipster and youthful

If you have been watching the news over the last few years you may be surprised to see Ukraine featured on this list. Political strife at its border with Russia became violent in 2018 and has sent the country as a whole into economic downturn. However, the city of Odessa in the east of the country is becoming a popular spot for location independent workers because it is affordable, has great Wi-Fi and beaches. There are three co-working spaces within walking distance of each other.

Why? Very affordable, fast-widespread internet access

Vibe: busy, fun city by the sea - especially during the summer season

If South America sounds appealing as your digital nomad destination, Medellin is an up and coming destination for 2020. Good Wi-Fi, transport, food and drink make it an increasingly popular choice. There are also a number of great cafés and co-working spaces across the city. There are lots of hikes around the city and plenty of urban activities to enjoy. 

Why? Experience Colombian life in a city with a large nomad community

Vibe: Party town surrounded by natural beauty

These are just some of the up and coming digital nomad cities in 2020. Before you leave on your adventure abroad, make sure you will have access to high quality healthcare should the unexpected happen. International health insurance is a special product for those living and working abroad that will enable you to access quality healthcare when you need it.