10 Digital Nomad Blogs to follow

April 06, 2020

Want to become a digital nomad but don’t know where to start? This may be the blog for you. Tom and Anna have been travelling the world since 2015, making money from travel blogging. They share their knowledge in the form of a training course that might help you see similar success. 

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What it covers: becoming a digital nomad, travel guides for popular destinations and equipment recommendations

This location independent digital marketer helps businesses with Pinterest marketing while travelling the world. Having a niche like this may help you travel more sustainably, once you build up a customer base. Justyn uses inbound marketing to attract potential new customers to her site where they can take an online course or work with her in a consultative way to boost their marketing efforts. 

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What it covers: marketing, travel and vegan food

Glo creates beautiful content about her travels around the world. Travelling for over five years, she is full of useful information on how to see success as a remote worker and is realistic about the amount of time required. Glo’s sense of fun and humour are what makes this blog stand out. 

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What it covers: dating, female health and wellbeing, and making money from travel

Kiki’s blog specialises in female and solo travel. Her website is a hub for topics related to female travel, from what to pack to where to go. Kiki also has a detailed resource on ways to earn money while travelling. Once you meet the visa requirements in your destination, you could be anything from a yoga teacher to bar crawl leader. You may well find an option you hadn’t thought of to top up your bank account. 

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What it covers: solo and female travel

The goal of Katelyn Smith’s blog is to help others achieve their dream of working remotely while travelling the world. As well as travel content, Katelyn provides practical information on what you can and cannot do as a digital nomad. She provides advice on everything from equipment you’ll need to how much you are likely to earn as a digital nomad. 

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What it covers: digital nomad life, becoming a digital nomad, psychology of working remotely

While this may seem a little counter intuitive for this list, we reckoned it was worth including for those of you who would like to live and work abroad but are not willing to sacrifice your career. Monica has found the balance, she moved overseas but is working in a stable job while also travelling much more than she used to. 

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What it covers: travelling the world part time, moving your career abroad, living in a foreign country, photography

If you love a bargain than this is the blog for you. Campbell and Alya will show you that travel doesn’t have to be expensive or out of your reach. The Stingy Nomads cost up every trip they take. Where possible they eat locally and inexpensively. It’s great blog for accommodation tips when you are on the move too. If you are a scuba diver, this is the blog for you, the Stingy Nomads have tips on some of the best diving spots in the world.

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What it covers: budget travel, diving, hiking   

Making it anywhere is a blog about running a business while overseas. Mish and Rob are British but left in 2012 to pursue their dream of combining everyday life with their love of travel. The greatest thing about this blog is that they are honest about the challenges of being a digital nomad. It isn’t always hanging out on the beach. They both work very hard, Mish as a copywriter and Rob in property investment but love that their jobs allow them to be location agnostic.  

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What it covers: running a business while overseas, reality of nomadic life, books on business writing, protecting your tech

While this blog isn’t just aimed at digital nomads, it does contain lots of useful information on setting up your own business. Although Natalie has lived as a digital nomad, she now lives in her native New Zealand but spends a significant amount of time travelling the globe. 

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What it covers: setting up your own business, maintaining business, building community while working away

One of the longest established digital nomad blogs, Planet D has been active since 2008 when being a digital nomad wasn’t even a thing. This Canadian couple have been to over 115 countries across all 7 continents and are listed amongst the top travel influencers in the world by Forbes magazine. 

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What it covers: running a profitable travel blog, guides to a multitude of destinations

If you are planning to become a digital nomad, there is a lot to think about. Don’t forget your health while you are abroad. As a digital nomad, it is unlikely that standard travel insurance will cover your medical needs. An international health insurance policy will ensure you have the health care cover you need while living overseas.