10 digital nomad jobs you can do from anywhere in 2020

22 October 2020

Working from home has changed this year. Previously it was an occasional luxury afforded to a relatively small percentage of employees. It is now a semi-permanent arrangement for millions of people in the knowledge sector, to curb the spread of COVID-19.

If a successful move to remote working this year, has prompted you to re-evaluate your priorities in life, you are not alone. If you are dreaming about the possibility of working somewhere warm and sunny or near the sea, becoming a digital nomad when it is safe for us to travel once again may be the answer.

Digital nomads are essentially location independent workers. Although it may seem possible to continue your current role from anywhere with a laptop and wi-fi connection, doing so may cause tax and safety issues for your employer. Therefore, many digital nomads are self-employed. 

There are jobs that lend themselves particularly well to the location independent lifestyle across several sectors. Some digital nomad jobs you can do from anywhere in 2020: 

A 2019 report showed talent shortages are the number one concern for businesses globally, with areas relating to the digitisation of business of most concern. If you are fortunate enough to be a qualified programmer with experience and some connections in the industry in your home country, then establishing yourself as a digital nomad may be a possibility. 

1. Programmer: 

It is thought by 2021 there will be a shortage of 1.4million software developers in the US. This is likely to have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic as the move to digital and the cloud is accelerated. There are a number of websites where you can register your programming skills, programming languages and experience

2. App developer

Statista reports over 100,000 new apps are released each month by Google, so if you have these skills you are likely to be in demand. Similar to software developers, there are websites where you can advertise your skills to prospective clients.

3. Website developer

If you have a good grasp of HTML or CSS then freelance website development may be for you. There are over half a million new websites created every day. In response to COVID-19 restrictions many small businesses who may have only had a brochure website presence had to swiftly move online. They may have relied on social media to get through the crises but there may be more demand for building and maintaining ecommerce websites in the near future.

An alternative way to become a web designer is to upskill as a specialist in a website builder platform like WordPress or SquareSpace.

Online marketing is another area full of potential for location independent workers. If you currently work in an area that is not digital nomad friendly but want to upskill to an industry that is, digital marketing could be it. What makes it even better is there are roles for every kind of person from creative to tech. Before you leave to travel the world, on your digital nomad adventure, complete a well-recognised course in your area of interest and try to get some experience. 

4. Social media marketer

Social media is important for a business's visibility. In 2020 there are a whole host of sites where users and businesses can share different sorts of content. To be a successful social media manager you need to be a master at building audiences with engaging content and encouraging purchase when the time is right.  

5. SEO or SEM 

Did you know 93% of online experience begins with a search engine? If you are more technical, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) might be for you. Both industries are based on ensuring businesses are visible either organically or on paid listings on search engines. 


6. Blogger

Another key component of online marketing is content creation. Businesses around the world are creating blog posts that answer their target market’s most common questions or concerns that their product might help solve. This helps build awareness amongst audiences searching for information relating to products and services. As the industry has evolved businesses need to create long-form, quality content on a regular basis to compete. To keep up with demand, some businesses outsource this work.  

If you are more creative, the digital economy offers many options for work that would suit the digital nomad lifestyle. 

6. Graphic design

Users interact with the internet in a very visual way. To meet this need, businesses rely on great graphic designers to create their corporate identity and carry that look and feel through their digital presence. 

7. Content creator

It is estimated over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created online each day. That is a lot of content. As the internet has evolved the kind of content we create has expanded. From still photos and images to video to podcasts, businesses need content creators of all kinds. If you are a videographer there is scope for specialism, do you create explainer videos, engaging TikTok posts or ‘how to’ user videos?

Last but by no means least, online learning was a growing phenomenon pre-COVID-19. It was given a further boost as people looked for ways to upskill during lockdown. As we adjust to the new normal, where congregating is discouraged, learning online is likely to be more popular than ever. 

9. Teach your native language

Fluent in more than one language? Consider teaching your native language to others online. You should complete a course in teaching as a foreign language before you leave home so you have the skills to take your students from beginners to confident speakers.

10. Teach your skills

If you are qualified or have a lot of experience in a particular area you could also look into teaching your skills online. Depending on your skill set you may have to complete a formal qualification to do this before an online skills academy will hire you. 



If you are deciding to move overseas to live and work at some point in the future, there will be a lot to organise. Don’t forget about your health and wellbeing. Ensure you can access the best medical care in your chosen country with an international health insurance policy. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have around accessing healthcare while you are away.