Education Options for your Expat Teenagers 

August 2022

Making the decision to move overseas with a family has more than one important consideration. When moving abroad with teenagers your biggest concern is likely how your teenagers will settle in their new home. Finding the right education option plays a big part in how they will succeed and settle abroad. To help you make this big decision we explore what education options you have when moving your family overseas.

Ultimately finding the right school comes down to a few simple factors including access, location, budget, and language barriers. Doing as much research as possible will help you when it's time to start weighing up the options. To help you make the right choice for your teenagers we explore the most popular education options for expat teenagers.
If a language barrier is not a major issue for your teenagers, then public schools can be a fantastic choice for your family. Joining a local school can give your teenagers the chance to completely immerse themselves in the culture of your new home. Another positive benefit of sending your teenagers to a public school is that the cost is much less than private options.
If your teenagers have some language limitations it is not uncommon for public schools to also offer additional language classes for expats. Having a minimal amount of local language can add to your teenagers’ fears of moving. As well as having a lasting effect on integrating with their new classmates. Which can often be a deciding factor when it comes to choosing the right education option for your teenagers. 
One of the biggest benefits of choosing an international school is the access to a diverse curriculum with globally recognised qualifications based on International Baccalaureate (IB). This may help the transition for your teenagers socially and academically in your new destination. 

If you are planning to only move temporarily or to more than one location overseas. An international school can support your children with the same education standards and curriculum. Your teenagers can often find comfort and familiarity with their international classmates. Making it easier to make friends and settle down in their new city. International schools tend to have expensive annual fees so this might not be an option for every family moving abroad with teenagers.


If an international school is the right option for you then you can find some of the best international schools in the world listed here for you to do further research on. 

Most teenagers are familiar with online learning after the pandemic had everyone working from home. A virtual education option might offer your teenagers a smooth transition when studying overseas. With a virtual education, your teenagers can usually continue similar studies as you’re in your home country. Offering your teens the chance to get the same qualifications as they would back home. If your teenagers are close to graduating then a virtual education might be the best option. 

Virtual learning might be right for you if relocating was a last-minute decision or you are relocating mid-way through the academic year. Helping to support your teenagers until the next academic year begins. Virtual schools can be very accommodating with accepting students late in the school year. Avoiding any issues with waitlists or expensive school tuitions. While virtual learning has plenty of benefits the biggest downfall of this education is that your teenagers won’t have the same integration in your new country. Adding to the challenges they might face when relocating abroad. 


When it's time to settle in abroad, making the right decision for your teenager’s education will help make the transition easier on you all. 


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