5 Activities for School Holidays

June 18, 2019
There are lots of things you can do to keep your child physically and mentally active over the holidays while helping them to make friends and gain some independence. Here’s our Top 5 Activities for School Holidays:

Expat children are often referred to as third-culture kids due to their upbringing in a different culture to their own. Help to bridge the gap between cultures by teaching your child about your new location’s history and cultural practices. Children are naturally inquisitive and will enjoy feeling involved in their local communities.

You can do this by:

  • Visiting museums
  • Eating at traditional restaurants
  • Attending local festivals and celebrations
  • Visiting historic sites

Once you’ve settled into expat living it’s important to organise some family bonding time. This will help to keep your family connected and strong as you face international living together.

Family game night is great for this. Keep it entertaining by allowing a different family member to choose the game played each week and remember to have fun! Family movie night is also a great option. Ask your child if they would like to invite a friend to join – this can help to keep your child connected with their school friends during the holidays.

Summer camps are great for teaching children new skills, giving them independence and helping them to make new friends. Explore the options available in your expat location and choose the best one to suit your child.

There are different camps to suit children including: cookery, dance, academic, sports etc. Talk to your child to see which one they would like to join.

It is commonly thought that children pick up new languages faster than adults. You may want to enrol your child in language lessons to learn the language of the new country you’re living in or retain the language of your native country

Learning a new language can benefit your child in many ways:

  • They can interact with more people in the community
  • It will help them to connect, empathise and understand their new cultural surroundings
  • It can open career opportunities in the future

Physical exercise is important for a healthy body and mind. Language becomes less of a barrier when playing sports and your child will benefit from the comradery of being part of a team. Joining a team is a great way for your child to make new friends and you might even make friends with their parents too.

Most sports clubs offer a trial class that your child can attend to see if they like it. Discover what sport suits your child and make sure that the training schedule is compatible with your work schedule.

Ensuring your child’s happiness is one of the main challenges of being an expat parent. But it’s also crucial to look after their physical health and wellbeing with comprehensive international health insurance.