10 of the best health apps for expat women

January 09, 2019
One of the greatest challenges can be finding the time and motivation to monitor your wellbeing so you can manage issues before they become a problem. Using apps is a great way to fit this in around your normal daily routine. Grab minutes here and there across your day to monitor your exercise, meditate or check in on your mood. Here are some of the best Android and iOS health apps for expat women:
The title says it all, short, snappy 7 minute workouts designed specifically for women, users of this app love the look and feel with clear graphics that are easy to follow. Sessions are so short you can complete one before jumping into the shower in the morning.
If you want to improve your flexibility but don’t have time to attend a yoga hub, why not bring it with you? This app provides you with the audio and visual instruction you need to perfect yoga poses at home or in your hotel room.
Another time saver at only 7 minutes, this app’s combination of daily reminders, varied workouts and challenges is what users love about it. Even better, most of the routines do not require equipment so you can exercise anywhere. This app is perfect if consistency is a problem.
This simple app allows you to track the start and finish date of your period which you can over lay with feelings, temperature and weight throughout the month. In time, it will allow you to see monthly patterns in your overall wellbeing that could be linked to your cycle.
Expat life is busy, there is no denying that. If the pace of life working abroad means you occasionally miss taking your pill then you need this app. It functions in two ways, providing subtle reminders and a virtual pack you can mark off when you take your pill so you can avoid those ‘did I take my pill or not?’ moments we all occasionally have.
If you want to keep a closer eye on your fertility this could be the app for you. Users use this app to predict periods of high and low fertility when trying to conceive. They also love the Glow community of women discussing pregnancy and related topics through the app.
Working as an expat can be stressful. Not only have you moved to a new role in an unfamiliar country, you may also be missing the support of your network of family and friends. If you are finding life as an expat stressful, you may find these apps useful:
Feeling overwhelmed? Just 10minutes a day following the guided meditations on this app could help you build the mental capacity you need to get things done. Founded by an ex Buddhist monk who saw the benefit this ancient art could bring to our modern lives.
Short daily Cognitive Behavioural Therapy based workouts to improve your mood. This app helps you focus on the positive, identify and challenge negative thinking and includes useful meditations to maintain a sense of calm during difficult times.
Offering meditation, stress management and aids to sleep, this app is the go to if you are looking for a holistic approach to stress management. Users love the beautiful scenery, variety of assistance it offers and the soothing tones of the narrators.
Record how you feel daily, the app responds with gentle insight, encouragement and useful questions to help you think differently. Over time you will identify negative thought patterns and find solutions with the apps guidance.

These are a few of our suggestions, are there any other apps you find useful for managing your health and wellbeing as a female expat? If so, we’d love to hear about them on our Facebook page.

Health apps should never replace a visit to a doctor or councillor, even while you are working abroad. Make sure you have access to the help you need when you need it with international health insurance.

Allianz Partners and Allianz Care have no affiliation with the apps detailed above.