How spring cleaning can help your mental and physical health 


March 2023 

Spring cleaning your home has a number of health benefits, according to experts.

Spring is in the air, and that can only mean one thing – spring cleaning. For many of us, the renewal of spring signals that it’s time to get into cleaning mode. Not only is it good for the aesthetic in your home, but also your mental and physical health.

Need some extra motivation to break out the rubber gloves and get to work this month? Here are five ways that spring cleaning can benefit not just your home, but your health.

Dust, mould, mildew, pet dander and even bugs can all build up over time, and cluttered homes tend to gather a lot of these pollutants during the winter months, when we spend more time indoors. Inhaling allergens around the house can weaken your immune system, impact your respiratory health, and trigger asthma, allergies or other breathing problems. A deep clean of the space you spend most of your time in not only improves air quality but keeps your immune system strong.
Experts say a disorganised and messy house can negatively affect mental health, leading to stress, anxiety and depression. If you’re feeling low or demotivated, a deep dive into junk drawers and the purging of wardrobes may be exactly what you need to boost your mood and reduce your anxiety. Apart from this, the physical act of cleaning allows you to turn your brain off and relax. 
While it may not burn as many calories as going to the gym, organising the house keeps your body moving. If you’re struggling to get off the couch and out of winter hibernation mode, this might be the extra push you need to get moving. Mopping, scrubbing and hoovering can get those endorphins pumping. Plus, physical activity can lower the risk of developing many chronic illnesses including heart disease. 
Anyone who’s heard of tidying guru Marie Kondo will know her catchphrase "spark joy" - if something doesn’t spark joy, it has to go. When your home is cluttered or messy, it can make it harder to focus. Decluttering your physical space can also help to remove your “mental clutter”.  Limiting the number of possessions you own can have the same impact because it reduces the number of things competing for your brain's attention. Discarding unused items can feel like a weight lifted off your shoulders and have a powerful healing effect on your wellbeing.
Organising your possessions, moving furniture, and cleaning the entire house can help create positive feelings of accomplishment. Spending time decluttering and organising your space gives you a sense of mastery and control over your environment, which in turn boosts your mood.