How to tell teenagers you are moving abroad 

July 2022

Challenges are to be expected when moving abroad with teenagers. If you are sure a move overseas is likely to happen, it’s time to get your teens on board. There are a few things you can do to help teens through this difficult time: 

When it comes to sharing the news, communication is key. Give your children the time to discuss the move and what it means for them, approaching the conversation with a calm and open mind.

It can be hard to adapt to such life-altering news, particularly for young adults. Putting yourself in their shoes and what it might feel like for them will help you pre-empt their needs. Be prepared for strong reactions from your teenagers. You might find your older teenagers reject the news of moving. At an older age they have already established their social circle and routines so this news can be a bit harder on them. 

Start with an open discussion that highlights the benefits your family will have from moving overseas. Give your teenagers time to air their concerns about the idea of moving and what it would mean for them. If you start the conversation off on a positive note, your children will likely follow your mindset even if it takes time.
Telling your teens about the move might come as a shock to them. Giving your teens the time to digest and come to terms with the move will help it all sink in. 
Striking a balance between letting your children digest the news and supporting them might be hard. But this is a family move so it's vital you let your teenagers know you are there to support them. You are all moving as a family, so you are in it together. 
This is the perfect opportunity to give your teens the chance to see some positives in moving overseas. Giving them some responsibilities can help them feel recognised as a young adult and an important part of this move. It also reinforces that you are all supporting each other and helping each other mentally prepare. Some jobs you can hand over can include packing up their room and researching ideal neighbourhoods or afterschool clubs. Allowing them to research and plan ahead can help give them something to look forward to. 

A going away party will give your teens the chance to celebrate and say goodbye. This is another fantastic opportunity to get your teens involved with when planning and prepping for the move. Party planning can bring that extra bit of positivity and excitement before all of the big changes happen. Celebrating with family and friends can also help your teenagers have some closure and acceptance with moving.  

Telling your teens that you’re moving abroad will not be an easy task. Supporting and Motivating each other will help you all adapt. Starting off in your new country on a positive note.

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