Individual International Health Insurance explained

11 March 2021
This is global health insurance / medical insurance that covers certain medical needs like hospital accommodation, medical evacuation and treatments for someone living and working abroad. Policies with Allianz Care are flexible and can be tailored to suit specific needs. 

Though this is a common misconception, these two types of insurance are not the same. Travel insurance covers things like cancellations, loss of luggage or personal belongings and some emergency medical treatment. It is for short breaks abroad and has a limited duration. 

International Health Insurance provides you with long term cover for both emergency and routine health care. Plans differ but cover usually includes hospital stays, routine check-ups, pre-existing conditions and more. 

Having this level of global medical cover may not be a legal requirement for your destination but it is advisable. Moving to a new country of residence where you may not know a lot of people and do not speak the local language can make stressful medical situations a lot harder to deal with. Depending on your location the level of medical care available to you could be different to the standard you are used to at home. With this insurance you can expect the highest level available in our extensive list of approved treatment centres. 
This depends on your health insurance plan. There may be some cover for emergency medical treatment but you may not be covered for evacuation. It is best to check with your health insurance provider.

Allianz Care international health insurance policies are flexible to meet your needs. Every policy differs per individual. We have two levels of cover - Care Pro and Care Plus. Both cover the following as standard:

  • Hospital accommodation in a private room
  • In-patient / day-care and emergency out-patient treatment
  • Medical evacuation
  • Oncology services 

Care Pro also provides cover for emergency dental treatment. 

There is a range of optional extras that you can then add on to your policy including plans for out-patient care, dental care, repatriation and maternity cover. 

This is the geographical area in which you are covered for international health insurance. Our policies provide cover for three areas: Worldwide, Worldwide excluding USA and Africa only. The cost of your cover will depend on your chosen area. You can receive treatment in any country within your chosen area of cover. 

For example, if you require treatment that is not available locally and you have medical evacuation cover as part of your policy we will cover your travel costs to the nearest eligible medical centre. If the treatment you require is available locally but you would prefer to receive it in another facility within your area of cover we will cover the treatment but you will have to pay for your own travel. We have a network of over 1 million approved medical providers across the world. 

As well as being covered for the points we’ve mentioned above, there are other added benefits that come with this type of insurance. With Allianz Care you can also enjoy:
This benefit is designed to support and assist you on a number of matters including mental, financial, physical and emotional wellbeing. It is available 24/7 and is manned by human operators that speak a number of languages. Some EAP services include counselling, bespoke well-being content and helpful podcasts on the topics you’re interested in such as time management, individual happiness and more. 
Our Travel Security Service consists of an emergency hotline available 24 hours a day, specialised advice for a number of countries and daily alerts for your location for things like terrorism, civil unrest and weather alerts. 
Anyone can apply for this policy if they are under 76 years of age. You can apply online, request a call back from our dedicated agents or send us an email. To obtain a quote provide us with your destination country, nationality, age, contact details and the date you wish to start the policy, you can purchase online or our agents can take you through the rest of the process to find the best policy to suit you.