How to manage a hybrid workforce as an expat

October 2022

Harvard business reviews study of 750 companies found up to 20% of managers sent abroad returned early. Largely due to job dissatisfaction and difficulties settling in a new country. Some preparation for managing your hybrid workforce can help you settle into your new position. Avoiding expat failure and driving your career progression. We share how you can harness your own capabilities and successfully manage a hybrid workforce as an expat.

Creating a clear workflow for your hybrid workforce can support your team and drive accountability. You don’t have the access to catch up in the office with each team member. Having a clear workflow gives you full visibility of your team’s workload and progress.
Recent studies on remote and hybrid working found that 49% of managers who oversee remote workers were worried about team engagement. Keeping your team connected while they all work in separate locations is crucial. Prioritise formal and informal group meetings. Creating opportunities for your team to stay connected. Building a positive work environment which is a vital part of successful collaboration. 
When you have teams based in multiple locations set up a shared calendar. This allows your team to share their schedules and where they are working each day. Keeping your team connected while giving you extra visibility of your hybrid workforce. 
Unlike managing a traditional team, time and effort spent on work are less of an indicator of your team’s positive performance. Hybrid models bring quality of work to the forefront. Creating a performance model that measures remote and office-based staff equally will also need to be considered.
Having a hybrid workforce can leave your remote team members at risk of feeling more isolated and lonely. Support your team with regular video calls. Opening up a two-way dialogue gives the space for your team to share their concerns and challenges with you. 
A healthy work-life balance is a big part of supporting your team's well-being. As the leader, you have the opportunity to advocate for a healthy work-life balance. Encourage your team to finish work on time and make sure they aren’t taking on too much extra work. 
If you can, occasionally get your team together for a face-to-face meeting. Try and meet up every couple of months to help everyone get to know each other and build morale. 

Effective leadership is an essential part of successfully managing a traditional and hybrid workforce. As an expat you are uniquely equipped with the key foundations to offer cultural flexibility and drive communication within your hybrid workforce. 


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