Managing Family Relationships
as an Expat


November 2022 

Moving overseas will affect your family relationships, even if your immediate family are joining you on assignment. As the expat assignee you have an advantage over your family when it comes to settling in. You have comfort and familiarity with your job and company culture. You may already know some colleagues abroad too. If your family are joining you your partner and children won’t have the same comforts. Explore how you can make your expat assignment easier on your family by learning to manage your family relationships as an expat.

Starting any new role can be all-consuming in the first few months. Managing your family relationships during this period often takes a back seat. Knowing that your family's own transition experience will be different to yours, should act as a reminder that you need to make time for them. Try to prioritise supporting your family, be available to listen and communicate with each other. Organising family movie nights or days out is another fantastic way to make some memories in your new home.
Providing stability and comfort can help your children through this period. Try keeping up your regular routine as much as possible. Make time for activities you used to back home. Getting young kids involved in the move from the beginning will also help them settle into your new home. We cover some other simple steps you can take to help your child prepare for their move overseas.

When it comes to managing your relationship with elderly parents back home. This can bring up a lot of emotion, particularly if you also have the sole responsibility of caring for parents. There are a few simple ways you can keep your parents still a part of your day-to-day life. Creating a call schedule for you and your children to follow will help them stay in touch with their grandparents.


Planning your next few visits will also give everyone something to look forward to. Ensuring you have some quality time together during the year. To help you manage these relationships as an expat, you can follow our guide with practical steps on caring for elderly parents back home

Relocating with teenagers is going to be a rocky road. Teenagers are transitioning from childhood to adulthood, striving to become more independent and form their own identities. On top of this, they now must adjust to a new school, home, and social circle. It’s bound to be challenging for them. As the parent, you will need to be proactive in helping your teenager through this transition. Support your teens with school, and making new friends. Practising active listening can also help them process their feelings during this time. You can find more effective ways you can help your teens adjust to expat life with our guide.
One of the most challenging aspects of moving abroad is keeping in touch with your loved ones at home. Staying connected will involve plenty of time over the phone.  If you don’t make the time it can be easy to lose touch with each other.
Prioritise your family’s well-being when becoming an expat. With Allianz Care our international health insurance for established families can help support you and your loved ones when transitioning overseas. Get your quote online today