Managing for Business Effectiveness 


February 2023 

The Goal of Managing for business effectiveness is to maximise the return on investment for the organisation, through improved efficiency and productivity. To achieve this, managers must focus on identifying the right processes and resources. While developing, and tracking performance metrics, to improve overall business operations. How can you as an expat implement the right practices in your management style to achieve this? You can start this with these simple steps. 

Defining clear business objectives provides a measurable set of goals for your team. As a leader in order to manage for business effectiveness, you need to assess how your teams’ actions Align with these business objectives. This will also highlight any areas you can improve for efficiency. Setting goals that help both the team and business win. Having clearly organised objectives will also allow managers to easily measure progress in the team and individuals. 
Research shows that 44% of miscommunications at work can cause projects to be delayed or fail completely. It also plays a role in increasing stress of up to 52% for employees and reducing morale down by 31%, which ultimately will affect productivity. As the leader, you need to clearly communicate your expectations with your team to improve its efficiency and drive effective results. 

As a leader in your organisation, to manage a happy and motivated team, you need to instil trust in everything you do. Unsure if you are leading with credibility and trust? Ask yourself the following questions:

-          Do you take accountability for your actions and decisions?

-          Are you open and honest with your team?

-          Do you act on your promises?  

It takes a lot of self-awareness to become a trustworthy and credible leader, but without this, you will struggle to manage for business effectiveness.

Studies show that employees who receive regular recognition for their work increased employee performance over higher pay, promotions, and training. So, when you’re looking to manage for business effectiveness sharing recognition with your team for the work that they individually do should be a part of this. 
Respecting everyone’s input is also another great way to motivate and ensure efficiency in your team’s work. Collaboration and feedback from both sides of the team is proven to effectively create accurate and relevant results for both employees and businesses. Seek out your team's opinions and get feedback before any final decisions are made. Simple and effective management strategies to ensure your team feel valued and included.

Daily internal tasks can often slow down your effective processes. Seek out ways to free up time and space for your teams to focus their energy on more important tasks. Getting feedback from your team on this will help optimise their workflows for success.  

If you are struggling to find new ways to optimise workflows, you can find valuable insights through a SWOT analysis. Highlighting opportunities and improvements you can make for your team to manage for business effectiveness. 


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