Managing for organizational integrity as an expat 


February 2023 

Organizational integrity is closely tied to individual integrity, where your actions and words are one in the same. Having honest moral principles that drive your actions in an ethical manner. If you’re working in an organization with an honest culture that upholds integrity as its core. As a manager, you will find that your employees are proactive and serious about their commitments. Other organizational integrity traits include:

           • Honesty 

           • Responsibility

           • Loyalty

           • Confident decision making

           • Respect

In a management role in order to encourage organizational integrity, you must ensure you’re aligned with these traits. To help here are 5 ways to ensure your supporting your team by fostering integrity as a leader of your organization. 

Leading by example is a tried and tested method to keep your team on the same page. Model the traits of integrity you wish to see in your team. How exactly can you do this? Being honest and respectfully engaged with your team is a start. But as the leader, you will need to ensure you are taking responsibility for your actions and any decision you make. Taking responsibility for any mistakes you make along the way is an opportunity to show the team how integrity works. This is an effective way to see the change you need, while also promoting a positive company culture. 

By respecting your employees' work and opinions you again are leading by example as the leader.

Honoring your teams' opinions helps create an environment where trust and engagement are seen on every level. Shooting down someone's idea or work will only stifle any efforts you are making to have a team with integrity.

Encouraging your team to be focus on honesty and facts, will strengthen accountability within your team. Having open and honest conversations about work goals and any real limitations involved in any given task. This means any issues that arise are faced head-on without creating any illusion or barriers for your team.
By promoting inclusion in your team, you as a leader and your organizations will benefit by having a variety of perspectives. Encouraging equality and diversity is a big part of having integrity in the workplace. 
Company cultural habits are easily adjusted by a leader managing with integrity. In comparison to habits that are deeply tied to cultural values, which is more difficult to tackle and change. Seeking out the limitations that are already instilled in your team’s culture will help you act accordingly. 
Studies show that over 85% of employees agree that workplace conflict is inevitable. Common causes include, poor communication, and office politics. As the leader dealing with conflict between team members is your responsibility. Respond by relying on the traits you are hoping to instill in your team. 

In a management role, you have to deal with uncomfortable situations. Reporting any unethical behaviors you see in your team or company is your responsibility. Overlooking these issues could leave you with messy conflicts in the office. You also would not be following the expectations you have for your team. 


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