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The best countries for expats in 2022

10 February 2022

The pandemic has made us rethink our priorities and the way we live our lives. As the world reopens and things are looking up for 2022, many of us are considering a move overseas to somewhere entirely new. We’ve put together a list of some of the best countries around the globe that consistently rank high among expats. 

It's really no surprise that Portugal tops the list of countries recommended by expats. From its great weather, culture, low crime rates, people, and food to its affordable cost of living, natural beauty and health system, expats love almost everything about the country. As a way to encourage foreigners to move to Portugal, the government even offers free Portuguese language classes at schools throughout the country. Portugal also offers a digital nomad visa, and many locals have a high level of English that attracts expats.
Spain is a very popular destination for expats due to year-round sunshine, the culture, excellent and inexpensive food and wine, and public transportation. It also has one of the lowest costs of living in Europe and some of the best healthcare in the world. Skilled foreign workers continue to be in demand with jobs such as engineering, customer service, skilled trades and language teachers widely available. A huge 14 per cent of Spain’s population are expats from all around the world. 
Ranked as one of the happiest places to live, Sweden is the largest of the Nordic countries. Known for being very inclusive and welcoming of all types of people, it is one of the easiest places to move and settle in. The country not only offers beautiful landscapes but also a friendly lifestyle which embraces a good work-life balance. A family-oriented culture makes it a good place to advance your career while raising children. Education is free in Sweden, and this translates into huge cost savings for families with children. Making friends can take a while but will be easier if you learn the language and get involved in your community.
Another popular destination for expats is Germany. It’s estimated 250,000 expats live there currently, with the numbers rising every year.  Germany is known as the economic engine of the European Union. In fact, it’s one of the top economies in the word and there is also a demand for highly-skilled workers in nearly every industry. One of its biggest advantages is its location – it’s the perfect country to position yourself if you want to travel around Europe. You can easily drive to most European countries, and spend weekends in cities like Rome, Paris or Vienna.
Another popular destination for expats, Switzerland offers exciting employment packages and an excellent standard of living. It’s great for those who love the outdoors, as there are many beautiful lakes, mountains to hike in and skiing in the winter. Switzerland offers one of the world’s top educational systems and consistently ranks as one of Europe’s safest nations, making it appealing for those with children. It can be difficult to land work if you don’t speak German or French, but if you can land a job in Geneva or Zurich you’ll be lucky enough to enjoy one of the highest-paid salaries in the world. The average salary in Switzerland is approximately Є58,000. 
Canada too is popular with expats from all over the world. There are a wide range of employment opportunities which makes it a great country to move to. Its healthcare system, friendly locals and very high quality of life are just some of the reason expats choose it as a place to live. For those who like to get out in nature and have an active lifestyle, from kayaking lakes in the summer to skiing in Winter, Canada has an abundance of outdoor space and natural resources. You can opt for one of the many large modern cities with plenty of opportunities such as Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal or get a more European vibe in Quebec which is predominately French-speaking.

Singapore packs everything an expat could want into one of the world’s smallest territories. Currently ranked as the top Asian country for expats, here you can benefit from generous financial packages, great career opportunities and low tax rates. Although education is expensive, it is rated one of the top places for raising children abroad due to the quality of the education system and the range of schools.

The trickiest part about living in Singapore is balancing your high income with the high cost of living. The most common advice for expats planning a move here is to make sure you negotiate for allowances for schooling and housing as part of your salary package.