The Best Podcasts for Expats in 2023 


March 2023 

Podcasts have quickly become a reliable source of information and entertainment.  We’ve found some of the best podcasts created for expats in 2023. Whether you’re looking for support or simply just looking for easy listening from other expats,  here are some of the best podcasts to help you navigate working and living abroad. 

For the expats who have recently moved or are struggling to navigate a new local culture these podcasts are for you.
Enjoy a 35 minute listen once a week covering stories of real-life expats. Hosted by Nicole an American living in Germany. You will find stories on learning new languages, and personal experiences of expat mishaps along the way. Many of the episodes are focused on expats living in Germany,However, with 50,000 downloads there is something for everyone to enjoy from the unique expat perspectives shared each week. 
Tandem nomads offers support, and inspiration for expats looking to build a portable career. Not only a great source of inspiration and practical advice, you can also listen to real-life stories from other expats on their own challenges and how they overcome them. 
Looking for something a little more action orientated? The stories shared in transit with Sundae Bean may be for you. Hosted by Lauren a solution-focused intercultural strategist. Each episode focuses on sharing insights and the realities of life transitions. Providing concrete and actionable advice for those living abroad. 
Managing your finances and planning for the future as an expat can be complex. These top rated podcasts can help you navigate your personal finances.
The expat money show is the ideal listening material for your morning commute. Hosted by Mikkel Thorup, a world-renowned expat consultant, and author of the bestselling book Expat Secrets. Get valuable insights on how to start investing and managing your own personal finances when living abroad. Each episode is packed with personal stories from guests from successful entrepreneurs to experts in the world of finance. 
The Money and Finance podcast for expats is created by dedicated wealth management professionals. Their goal is to help expats safeguard their future with the right guidance shared through weekly episodes. Answering finance related questions in an easy to digest format.
When moving with a family getting support from experienced expats is invaluable. You won’t go wrong with these top podcasts for expat families.
Hosted by Carole Hallet Mobbs, a professional expat life mentor, who spent 12 years abroad with her family living in Japan. The focus on this podcast is to help families navigate life overseas. Sharing guidance on the daily challenges of moving and living abroad with young children, managing culture shock and expat mental health.
The Two Fat Expats hosts, Kirsty Riv and Nikki Moffiy have over 20 years of experience in expat life from living in ten different countries. They offer valuable and resourceful guidance through discussion and storytelling. Each week they cover common and uncommon questions asked by expats. Sharing personal experiences of parenthood and relationship as expats. Guaranteed easy listening and some sound advice.
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