The use of technology to improve your health

May 2023 

Health and fitness apps, wearables and digital devices can all help to improve your diet, track your fitness activities, and improve your sleep regime.

The trend in wellbeing and fitness tech in recent years has meant that many of us are becoming more conscious about our health. If you want to lose weight, lower your stress levels, sleep better, or boost your mood, there’s no shortage of smart health and fitness devices and mobile apps that can help you achieve your goals. Health and fitness technology includes everything from meditation and workout apps, to wearables, Wi-Fi enabled weighing scales, and more.

Wearable technology includes everything from fitness trackers to smartwatches. This technology can measure the number of steps you take per day, provide individualised workout plans for your body type and document your progress to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Some health and fitness apps send daily reminders to stretch, get up and move, or to take some deep breaths. Others allow you to connect with online fitness communities, schedule daily workouts with friends, share your progress on social media, and provide you with the most up-to-date research on physical fitness plans.

There are lots of fitness apps available to help you stick to an exercise routine, stay motivated and track your progress.

Some health apps are designed to assist you with tracking your daily food intake and offer health nutrition suggestions. Do you know how many cups of water you should be drinking a day? Not only will these health apps help you remember, but they will monitor your food and drink to make sure you are staying on track.

A calorie counter and nutrition app is a helpful tool you can use to check if you’re getting the right number of calories and nutrition for the day. To monitor nutrients, these apps let you either scan the bar codes of different food items or physically find them within the app’s huge database.

Apps like MyFitnessPal also help you track how many calories you already ate for the day. With that, you can plan your meals according to your target calorie intake. There are also calorie counter apps that not only track calories eaten but also suggest a number of recipes based on those calories, making it much easier to stick to your plan with tasty recipes.

The latest smart scales use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to sync with your smartphone or the internet. They are smart because they track dimensions other than your weight, like body fat percentage, heart rate and other health metrics. In addition to taking your measurements, the scales also connect to your phone and sync up with your preferred fitness apps, making it easier for you to track your overall health data.

Sleeping through the night can lower your risk of injury, allow for better weight control and improve your mood. If sleeping or waking up have become increasingly difficult for you, it may be time to consider some sleep apps.

Sleep apps allow you to track, measure and evaluate your sleep patterns. Some of the most popular apps allow you to track your sleep nightly, so you can see what time you fell asleep, how many hours you slept and what time you woke up. By keeping track of these sleep statistics, you can become more aware of your bedtime routine and adjust accordingly. Sunrise alarm clocks help you to start your day right with a variety of fresh, warm lights and naturalist alarm sounds.

Light therapy is exposure to a light source that’s brighter than typical indoor light, but not as bright as direct sunlight. It involves using a light box for a specific length of time and at the same time every day. It is used for a several different conditions, including sleep disorders, jet lag, depression, and seasonal affective disorder. It can help improve the quality of your sleep by affecting certain brain chemicals associated with your sleep and mood.

Blue light filters can help eliminate harmful lights that are emitted by phone and tablet screens and can significantly reduce the time it takes for you to fall asleep. 

Mindfulness wellness apps help to release stress, lower anxiety, and fight depression. Wysa, accesible via MyHealth app, is your chat bot buddy, giving you a safe and anonymous space to vent and be heard. You can also chat with a professional human coach when you want a more personal touch. In addition Wysa helps you practice mindfulness with several guided meditation plans and sleep stories to help you sleep better.
The  Healthsteps app is a health and fitness app that allows you to set your fitness goal and choose an action plan, track your activities to reach your goal, join challenges to keep motivated, and find tips on how to live and maintain a healthy life. The Allianz HealthSteps App connects to your mobile device and apps such as Fitbit, Apple Health, Google Fit, Dailymile, FatSecret, Nokia Health (Withings), Misfit and Strava.

To find out more about Healthsteps and Wysa app login to MyHealth.

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