Trailing spouse blogs to follow

April 21, 2020
One of a number of ways to prevent this is to build connections in your new home. If you are wondering where to start, reading about the experiences of others can help. We have found some of the best trailing spouse blogs to follow for men and women who find themselves venturing into this role in 2020:

Phil has been both the posted diplomat and the accompanying spouse on two occasions. He began the blog when he was feeling isolated and alone as a trailing spouse. Phil’s blog, podcast and community are a fantastic resource for anybody who finds themselves in a similar situation. He covers topics that impact many expats and their families, including resilience, sense of home and friendship. 

Post to read: Diplomatic Spouses of the world unite - this is a guest post however it is well worth a read about being a diplomatic spouse and what it may mean for your own life and career. 

The Trailing Spouse is the German husband of a US Foreign Service Officer. He writes his blog in German and English. The blog covers moving from the US to Uzbekistan and the process of getting to know their new home.

Post to read: Busy Summer - when the trailing spouse outlines what was involved moving his family from the US to Uzbekistan.

Simone writes about her life as a trailing spouse living in Bangalore India. There are posts on finding a place to live, cooking and settling into life in this part of the world as the partner of an expat, including how Simone worked to build connections in her new home.

Post to read: Day 3 Orientation – Simone’s thoughts on getting to know Bangalore.


This China based trailing husband has been blogging about his experience regularly since 2016. His wife is a US Diplomat and the blog is a good source for some of the challenges of trailing spouse life including not being able to work and being alone quite a bit. But he also covers the process of getting hired by the Foreign Service as a spouse. 

Post to Read: there are lots of interesting posts in this blog but one to read if you want to bring a pet on your adventure is; Getting your cat into China. Of course rules and regulations differ by country but it’s interesting post on transporting your furry friends. 


Moving overseas with your expat partner may be a wonderful experience for you both. You will have the opportunity to enjoy life in a new city, country or even continent. Remember it isn’t unusual to find moving and settling in difficult. Support is available with an Expat Assistance Programme that can provide professional advice for many of life’s challenges.