Where are expats made to feel most welcome?

March 22, 2016

The survey found, expats experience different milestones on their path to feeling like locals. In Bahrain, 51 percent said making friends and developing an active social life played the greatest part in establishing a connection with their host country. While 37 percent of expats said it was knowing their family were enjoying life in their new country.

Starting to understand the local culture and etiquette, and successfully using the local language were also identified as key milestones in an expats journey to making their host country feel like home.

66 percent of expats who moved to Bahrain felt at home within a year, making it the most welcoming place in the world followed by 63 percent in India and 61 percent in Malaysia.

In Bahrain 47 percent of expats said that they felt at home instantly or in less than six months followed by 43 percent in Malaysia and 42 percent in Mexico.

Older expats find it easier to settle in. 35 percent of those over 55 years old said their host country felt like home within six months, compared to 33 percent of 18 to 34 year olds and 29 percent of 35 to 54 year olds.

  • Bahrain 66%
  • India 63%
  • Malaysia 61%
  • Mexico 61%
  • Taiwan 57%
  • Oman 57%
  • Russia 57%
  • Spain 56%
  • Indonesia 56%
  • Vietnam 56%
The latest data has been released as HSBC’s 2016 Expat Explorer survey opens to respondents. Almost 22,000 expats took part in the 2015 Expat Explorer survey, ranking Singapore the top country for expats overall, and this year HSBC is looking for even more expats to share their experiences of living abroad.

The survey is open to all expats from now until 17th April and anyone living or working abroad aged 18 and over can take part.
Commenting on the opening of the 2016 survey, Dean Blackburn, Head of HSBC Expat said: “Painting a picture of expat life across a broad range of criteria, the annual Expat Explorer survey is an insightful and comprehensive resource for all current and prospective expats. Not only can expats find out how the country they live in performs compared to other destinations, but they can also share the real life experiences of their peers.” 

The survey findings help those who plan to move or already live abroad, and help us to better understand our expat customers and the unique challenges they face. We would like to hear from even greater numbers of expats this year; their input is critical to further support and inspire the global community of those who have made the choice of a life abroad,” he added.
To take part in the 2016 survey, visit YouGov.
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