Why you should consider solo wellness travel in 2023


March 2023 

If you are looking to up your wellness game in 2023, a solo wellness retreat is a perfect way to unplug, reset and focus solely on you.

New year, new wellness goals. Solo wellness travel is on the rise, and for very good reason. More and more of us are looking to wellness retreats as an optimal way to spend our holidays as they offer many advantages that other holidays don’t.


Not only does wellness travel boost your well-being, it also teaches you to make healthier choices, giving you a chance to get in tune with your body, while rediscovering a renewed sense of purpose.

Whether it’s a beachside yoga retreat in Bali, a fitness bootcamp in Ibiza, trekking the breath-taking trails of the Alps, walking the Italian Dolomites or indulging in a rejuvenating spa retreat in the Maldives, there’s a wellness holiday for everyone. 

Solo travel has unique benefits, such as not having to plan around anyone else's schedule, and doing the things you enjoy. This new-found freedom will give you the opportunity to explore your own needs and desires without having to compromise with family or friends. 
Travelling for self-improvement means you learn how to better care for yourself, physically, psychologically and spiritually. Solo wellness retreats often include a variety of activities and treatments ranging from personal development and mindfulness to yoga and guided meditation, helping you to manage your stress and learn relaxation techniques that can be used long after you return home. 
Sometimes your friends and loved ones don’t share the same interests as you. Travelling solo on a wellbeing holiday can be a great way to meet new like-minded people and make connections with fellow travellers who share the same interests as you. 
When you travel for a wellness holiday on your own, you are able to really focus on your own needs, without having to worry about anyone else. Going it alone means you can truly unwind, allowing you the space and time you need to restore your mind, body and soul. And you’ll finally have the time to consider some of your life’s goals and aspirations.
Many people worry about safety when they think about travelling on their own. Wellness retreats, however, can be a great option if you are venturing out on your own, because they provide a safe, informative, guided, and serene space. 

One of the best things about embarking on a solo wellness break is that it forces you to step outside of your comfort zone. When you are travelling alone to a wellness retreat, you are much more likely to try new therapies, treatments or activities.

So if there’s something you want to alter about your life in 2023, a visit to a wellness retreat may just give you the tools and motivation you need to make changes that will last throughout the new year and beyond.