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International Health Insurance for Employees in Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates

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We've* put together a handy list of all the benefits included in each plan. 
If you'd like to read our* full terms and conditions, you can download the Benefit Guide for each plan. 

Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates

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Depending on the type of cover you arrange for your group, members will be able to be able to access different elements of our* extensive hospital network in the UAE.
 Groups with a Direct Settlement group Expat Insurance Plan for the UAE (excluding Abu Dhabi) have the choice of three hospital networks.
Choose this network to access all medical providers listed.
Choose this network to access all of the medical providers in the Comprehensive Network except the Dubai-based American Hospital.
Choose this network to access all of the medical providers in the Standard Plus Network except for the Dubai-based Welcare Hospital and the City Hospital.

Groups that choose one of the Direct Settlement plans for Abu Dhabi and Northern Emirates will have access to a complete network of medical providers in the UAE. 

Groups with an AD Direct Plus Core Plan can choose between the “General Plus Network including SEHA Providers” (GN+ incl. SEHA), the “General Plus Network” (GN+) or the “General Network” (GN).

Groups that choose the AD Direct Core Plan have access to the “General Network” (GN).

We’re proud to offer our group members access to a comprehensive network of providers in the UAE.
We* offer cashless access to hospital treatment, where possible. This means the provider bills us directly. 
Our* plans include an exceptional level of cover for chronic conditions**.

* through our partnerships with Orient Insurance and NextCare. 

** For Underwritten Products, Terms and Conditions regarding Pre-Existing Conditions or Previous Medical History will apply.

We know you might want more information about international health insurance, so we've put together a list of our most commonly-asked questions right here.
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