Generally, all insured members within a group will have the same level of cover. However, we do have solutions for groups that have a requirement to have different levels of cover for individuals. For further information, please contact our Sales Support Team.
We offer a variety of solutions to accommodate different corporate needs. Our Group Sales Team would be delighted to discuss your situation and help you come up with a customized plan to address your specific needs. 
Generally, all insured members within a group will have the same level of cover. However, for larger groups, we are able to accommodate different levels of over through the creation of sub-groups. For further information, please contact our Sales Support Team.

Allianz Care offers short-term healthcare plans for groups who only wish to cover the medical emergencies of employees travelling abroad.


Staff are covered for single or multiple trips up to a combined maximum of either:

90 travel days per insurance year each

180 travel days per insurance year each


*Please note that the purpose of this insurance plan is to provide medical care during emergency situations. Any ongoing or further treatment that is required after the emergency situation is not covered by this policy.

Members are covered for emergencies only, which occur during business and holiday trips outside of the chosen area of cover (where relevant). Cover is provided up to a maximum period of six weeks per trip within the maximum benefit amount. Members will not be covered for any curative or follow-up non-emergency treatment, even if deemed unable to travel to a country within the geographical area of cover. If members are moving outside the area of cover for more than six weeks, they should contact their organisation’s Group Scheme Manager.


Not only are members covered in the event of an accident, but they are also covered for the sudden beginning, or worsening, of a severe illness which results in a medical condition that presents an immediate threat to their health. To be considered as emergency treatment, and thus covered under this benefit, please remember that the medical treatment provided by a physician, medical practitioner or specialist should commence within 24 hours of the emergency event.


Charges relating to maternity, pregnancy, childbirth or any complications of pregnancy or childbirth are excluded from this benefit.

To get a quote, please contact our Group Sales Team by completing this form.

Group terms can be offered when there are three or more staff members.

For groups wishing to get a quote for international health insurance, please visit our Employer area or contact our Sales Support Team who will be happy to provide you with a quote based on your requirements.

Our most comprehensive plans are: 

Premier Core Plan, Out-patient Gold and Dental Plan 1.


Our entry level plans are: 

Essential Core Plan, Out-patient Crystal and Dental Plan 2.


All policies must include a Core Plan. Thereafter, an out-patient, dental and/or repatriation plan can be added.

We offer coverage and support for most countries around the world with certain locations supported via specific regional plans.  For specific coverage queries, please contact out Sales Team, and they will be happy to assist you. 
Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can assist staff through family support, financial difficulty support, a referral service for legal support and career counselling.  Additionally, we offer a variety of expatriate services including pre-assignment employee assessment and evaluation, intercultural training and destination and repatriation services.

Our multilingual helpline staff are available 24 /7 to handle day to day policy enquiries and support you during emergencies.

Note that we will need your name and policy number to identify you in our system and be able to respond to queries on your cover, your claims, etc. – so please don’t forget to have your policy number with you when you call us or to state it in your email (together with your full name) if you prefer to write. 

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