Direct Settlement Process

We will pay providers directly for appropriate and eligible services which are in line with the terms of cover provided to each member. Please note that members may be responsible for a portion of the invoice, if there is a deductible, excess or co-payment in place.

Invoices must be submitted no later than 60 days from the date of treatment. It is at our discretion whether or not to accept liability for payment of invoices received beyond that time.

Claims will be settled in the currency of the invoice (where practicable) within 30 days after receipt of the statements, subject to receipt of all necessary information.

Please include the following items:

  • Batch coversheet (when submitting a batch claim)
  • Provider Claim Form per invoice, fully completed and signed by both the insured member and the attending doctor
  • Invoice(s)
  • Copy of Allianz Partners Membership Card & photo identification document
  • Guarantee of Payment letter (where applicable)
We pay providers directly for all appropriate and eligible services which are in line with the terms and conditions of cover. Please note that some benefits may not be covered by us, either partly or in full, for example, if there is a deductible/excess or co-payment in place, if a benefit limit has been reached or if the treatment is excluded under policy terms and conditions. In these situations, it is the Medical Provider’s responsibility to collect payment directly from the patient and it is recommended that hospitals obtain a credit card from the patient to cover any such costs.

You can verify details of the cover available by calling our Helpline or by logging onto Online Services (login required).