6 simple tips to help cope with COVID-19 confinement

April 15, 2020

It is vital to get adequate physical activity throughout the day. You may no longer be able to go to the gym, but there are still lots of ways to stay active.


  • If you work from home in a desk setting, take breaks every 30-60 minutes and walk around the house for 5 minutes.
  • Join an online activity class according to your preferences and the equipment available at home.
  • Dance. It will improve your mood and will make you feel active, alive and more flexible. If you have kids, get them to join in. Let them choose the music and make it part of play time.
  • Spend some time gardening if you have the opportunity. You may not be able to venture out, but it is still important to get some fresh air. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, spend some quality time out there and soak up some much longed for Vitamin D.
  • Get busy with the housework. This is a good time to clean up those abandoned corners and tidy up closets. Take the Marie Kondo approach and ‘spark joy’.

Yoga, meditation. There are many online classes that you can join for free and which are adapted to suit your level of experience.

Read, cook, draw, sew or do whatever hobby you may have that helps you to unwind.

If you work from home it will be easier to have routines since you can plan them around your work schedule. If you don’t work, try structure your day with a routine. It will help to combat boredom and frustration. 
Use technology to stay in contact with family and your social circle. It’s good to share your emotions, your daily anecdotes and to let others know that you are there for them.
Since the COVID-19 pandemic surfaced around the globe, we have witnessed some wonderful community initiatives. Do you have skills that may help your local community fight the COVID-19 pandemic? Doing your bit while adhering to health and local government guidelines is a great way to  help others and boost your own mood. Look at your community volunteer options and see if there is one that suits you.

Stay informed but avoid spending too much time reading and watching news about the pandemic. Where possible try to get information from accurate and reliable sources.

If you have children remember to talk to them about the pandemic, check in with them regularly and find out how they are feeling.

As the coronavirus continues to remain a threat to our health, remember we are all enduring this confinement not just for our own health but for the health of our community. Stay strong, stay focused and take the necessary steps to ensure the safety and wellbeing of you and your family.
Visit the Allianz Care COVID-19 hub for more information on coronavirus including advice on how to reduce your risk of infection and our COVID-19 Member FAQ.