International Healthcare Plans for France, Benelux or Monaco

Our plans include cover for a wide range of in-patient, out-patient and day-care treatments as well as an optional level of cover such as dental, optical  and repatriation benefits. Talk to our highly experienced Sales Team or get a quote now.

With our international healthcare plans,  you can build your plan to suit the needs of your employees and your budget.
Step 1:
Select type of cover you need:
1st Euro, CFE Top-up or French Social Security System Top-up

1st Euro (reimbursement is offered from the 1st euro incurred on medical treatment covered under the chosen plan) / CFE Top-up (supplement to medical cover provided by the CFE) / Top-up (supplement to the French Social Security System).

Step 2:
Choose your Core plan

Our core plan options include a comprehensive selection of in-patient benefits and day-care such as hospital accommodation, surgery, medical evacuation and much more. All our core plans include a selection of Global Health Services that aim to improve the quality of life of your expat team.

Step 3: 
Add any of the optional plans: Worldwide, Worldwide excluding USA 

Provides flexibility and choice to enhance your cover by adding any of our optional plans, such as out-patient, dental and repatriation cover.

Step 4: 
Choose your area of cover: 
Worldwide or Worldwide excluding USA


Provides multi-country cover so employees can use their cover in any country included within the area of cover. It is a good idea to select an area where your employees normally travel to or are based for work purposes.

Terms and conditions and regulatory restrictions apply.

Drawing on our many years of expertise in France, Benelux or Monaco, we've carefully crafted a selection of plans designed specifically for the region.

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Maximum plan benefit / Member per year
Maximum plan benefit / Member per year
Type of room
Private Room
Semi-private Room
In-patient /Day-care
Nursing at home
Rehabilitation treatment
Routine Maternity and Complications of pregnancy and childbirth
€10,000 per pregnancy
€7,000 per pregnancy
Infertility treatment
€12,000 per lifetime
€6,000 per lifetime

We also offer tailor-made solutions to suit groups of over 100 employees and their dependants.
We know you might want more information about international health insurance, so we've put together a list of our most commonly-asked questions right here.

International insurance with Group terms can be offered when there are three or more staff members.

For groups wishing to get a quote for international health insurance, please contact our Sales Support Team who will be happy to provide you with a quote based on your requirements.

International health insurance is a solution designed to support employees who travel abroad frequently or are abroad for long periods of time and want to be sure that they are covered for any medical needs. It is not the same as travel insurance, as it provides a more durable and comprehensive multi-country medical cover. Travel insurance is a solution which covers cancelled or delayed flights, lost items such as personal belongings and has a limited element of medical treatment.
Generally, all insured members within an international healthcare group will have the same level of cover. However, for larger groups, we are able to accommodate different levels of cover through the creation of sub-groups. For further information, please contact our Sales Support Team.
We offer coverage and support for most countries around the world with certain locations supported via specific regional plans. For specific group coverage queries, please contact our Sales Team, and they will be happy to assist you. 
The geographical area of cover is the geographical territory where your cover is valid. When choosing an International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) solution for your employees you should select a geographic area of cover based on where your employees normally travel to or are based for work purposes. 
 Some benefits are subject to pre-authorisation, which would entail submitting a treatment guarantee form to our medical services team. Once the treatment is deemed medically necessary, our team will arrange payment to the facility of your choice. If there is an emergency, a member would not need pre-authorisation. They should seek treatment and have someone (family member, doctor etc) get in touch with us within 48 hours.
If you want more information on international health insurance for a group or would like a quote, get in touch with us.

If your contract is a top-up to the CFE, you should submit your claim directly to the CFE for :  

  • all claims incurred in France and
  • all ‘out-of-pocket’ medical expenses incurred outside of France.

Once the CFE has processed your contribution to the claim, Allianz Care will be promptly notified. A claim will be automatically generated in our system for your convenience, eliminating the need for you to contact us.

Upon receipt of all necessary information, we will process your claim and issue payment instructions to your bank within five working days.

For treatments incurred outside of France where Allianz Care would directly settle your medical bill with the healthcare provider (typically for in-patient treatments), we will remain your initial point of contact and will manage the communication with the CFE on your behalf.

Did you know that we have a support page for members with all you need to know to make the most of your cover.