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Our expert care team have designed a range of solutions offering differing levels of cover to suit your needs.
Protecting you and your family
Family friendly features and options, such as first aid course, child hearing exam and more.
Protecting you and your family
MyHealth Digital Services - to give you easy and convenient access to your cover.
Protecting you and your family
Access to health and wellbeing benefits, including digital health apps -  helping you to stay healthy.
Protecting you and your family
Fully completed medical claims processed within 48 hours.


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Maximum Plan Benefit
Maximum Plan Benefit
Maximum Plan Benefit
Hospital accommodation
Private room
Private room
Semi-private room
In-patient / Day-care
Medical evacuation
Expat Assistance Programme (EAP)
Travel Security Services
Emergency out-patient treatment
up to € 750
up to € 750
Emergency dental treatment
up to € 750
Out-patient plan
Dental plan
Repatriation plan
Maternity plan
covid mask

We cover treatment for COVID-19. Vaccination costs are also covered if you have this benefit within your policy. Please note cover is subject to the terms and conditions, benefit limits and area of cover of the policy and costs must be reasonable and customary.

Please visit our FAQ to see our terms and conditions and to find out more. Cover is not provided if any element of the cover, benefit, activity, business or underlying business violates any applicable sanction law or regulations of the United Nations, the European Union or any other applicable economic or trade sanction law or regulations.

Our international health specialists would be happy to discuss further plans and options with you.  Call us on +353 1 514 8480 
Everything you need to know before you go and when you get there
International health insurance works much like health insurance at home: you’re not just covered for emergency treatment, but also for diagnosis and post-treatment care. Medical charges abroad can be expensive, so knowing you've comprehensive healthcare cover is a big relief. We’ve outlined below some common charges people living and working abroad could face.

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Country Broken leg Heart Bypass  Hernia Repair
Appendix removal C-section Biopsy
Italy €18,000 €25,000 €6,000 €11,000 €12,000 €4,000
USA $41,000 $145,000
$25,000 $41,000 $36,000 $6,000
United Kingdom £18,000 £40,000
£5,000 £16,000 £19,000 £4,000
Hong Kong HK$145,000 HK$727,000 HK$145,000 HK$182,000 HK$182,000 HK$73,000
Indicative costs for treatment, everything from hospital costs and professional fees, from the moment you enter the hospital until the moment you leave.
Figures converted from Euro on 24/7/2017.


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For living abroad for 1 year or more
For holidays or short business trips
Global geographic cover
Destination country only
Emergency medical cover
Comprehensive healthcare
Private specialist treatment
Regular medical check-ups
Dental and Optical
Congenital conditions
Chronic conditions
Pre-existing conditions
Cancer treatment
Choose treatment country
Choose prefered practitioner
Choose prefered facility
Cover duration
1 Year
Duration of trip only
Non-medical travel benefits
*This table is designed for illustrative purposes to provide a typical comparison between International Health Insurance and Travel Insurance.
We recommend refer your policy documents for full details of your cover.
We have recieved several prestigious awards throughout the years including the Top International Insurance Award, Best International Private Medical Insurance Award, International Health Insurer of the Year and more. 
We are committed to making life easier, simpler and safer for our members. That includes introducing digital tools such as the MyHealth app, which manages claims, stores policy documents securely and supports our members. 
As a long-time provider of international insurance, we offer a streamlined service and fast turnarounds. We're proud to reimburse our members for their claims within 48 hours.** 
Allianz Care is recognised throughout the world as a provider of first class international health insurance. We're proud to have combined satisfaction ratings of almost 90% for both offline and online services to our members.
** Claims will be paid within 48 hours if the claimant has submitted all their documentation in order and in time.
Find the answers to our most commonly asked questions about the nature of our cover and how we protect members globally. 

Credit card (Annual 0% surcharge, Half-yearly +3% surcharge, Quarterly 4% surcharge, and Monthly +5% surcharge).

Bank transfer (Annual 0% surcharge, Half-yearly +3% surcharge, and Quarterly 4% surcharge). Option for monthly payments is not available.

Cheque (Annual 0% surcharge, Half-yearly +3% surcharge, and Quarterly 4% surcharge). Option for monthly payments is not available.

Most of our contracts are for one year. For most products, there is a 30 day cooling off period from the start date. After this, the policy may not be cancelled until renewal, regardless of whether a monthly or annual payment frequency is chosen. 
Absolutely, we can offer different levels of cover from Policyholder to dependent. Please call our  dedicated sales team on +353 1 514 8480 to discuss this product.
We do not provide travel or holiday insurance. Allianz Care provides International health insurance. If you would like a quote for travel insurance – please contact our colleagues at Allianz Global Assistance.