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International Health Insurance for China

Allianz Jingdong General Insurance Company in partnership with Allianz Care offers a range of international healthcare plans for China. Designed for expats and local Chinese individuals and families.
With our international healthcare range of plans,  you can choose one that best suit your needs and  budget
Step 1:
Choose your Core plan and pick a deductible

Our core plan options include a comprehensive selection of in-patient benefits and day-care such as hospital accommodation, surgery, medical evacuation and much more.

Step 2:
Add any of the optional plans 

Provides flexibility and choice to enhance your cover by adding any of our optional plans, such as out-patient, dental, maternity and health and wellbeing cover.

Step 3: 
Choose your area of cover:
Worldwide, Worldwide excluding USA, Greater China

Greater China: this provides cover for treatment in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

Terms and conditions and regulatory restrictions apply.

We offer a range of international health insurance plans for international and local individuals and families in China.

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Maximum Plan Benefit
Maximum plan benefit
Maximum plan benefit
Type of room
Private Room
Private Room
Semi-private Room
In-patient / Day-care
Organ transplant
Psychiatry and psychotherapy
Nursing at home or in a convalescent home
Rehabilitation treatment
Medical evacuation
Medical repatriation
Health and wellbeing
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Find the answers to our most commonly asked questions about the nature of our cover and how we protect members globally.

This is the geographical territory where your cover is valid. We offer multiple geographical area of cover options – please check your Insurance Certificate to confirm which one applies to you. 

For example, if your area of cover is “Worldwide”, this means that your cover will be valid everywhere in the world. If your area of cover is “Greater China”, then your cover will be valid everywhere in Greater China.

Our policies don’t provide any cover or benefit for any business or activity to the extent that either the cover or benefit or the underlying business or activity would violate any applicable sanction law or regulations of the United Nations, the European Union or any other applicable economic or trade sanction law or regulations

This means that we will cover you on an emergency basis if you are on a short term visit outside your region of cover. For example, if you are on holiday in the USA, but have purchased a Worldwide Excluding USA plan -  There is cover for emergencies in the USA for a maximum of 42 days (for trips of a maximum period of six weeks – unlimited number of trips). Please see our Benefit Guide for general terms & conditions.

Full Medical Underwriting  terms are usually available to individuals or groups with 3 to 9 employees. For these policies, the assessment of insurance risk is carried out before cover starts. Members will be asked to complete an application form disclosing their  medical history. Our underwriting team will then assess the information and decide if we are able to offer cover for medical conditions disclosed on the form.

Medical History Disregarded terms are usually available to groups with more than 10 employees. In this case,  members’ health information is not assessed. Pre-existing conditions are usually covered.

Find out more differences between FMU & MHD

Allianz Jingdong General Insurance Company in partnership with Allianz Care offers a range of international healthcare plans designed for international and local individuals and families in China. Allianz Jingdong General is the insurer and administrator for members based in China and Allianz Care provides members outside China with access to a global medical provider network.

As of Q3 2023, the aggregated solvency ratio of Allianz JingDong General Insurance Company Ltd. is higher than regulator’s requirement. In addition, the integrated risk rating of 2023 Q2 is level B.  More information is available on our website Please note that our documentation will be soon updated to reflect this solvency ratio.