Wether your clients are looking for  international health insurance, short-term cover, critical illness, life and disability cover, third party administration,  global health services or a combination of those, we've got it covered.
International health

International healthcare plans, suited to globally mobile professionnals providing medical cover around the world for at least a year. They offer comprehensive benefits as well as health & wellness programme, expatriate assistance programme and travel security services. 


Check out our localised international healthcare solutions for the following countries:


For groups of 100+ employees and their dependent we can tailor international health insurance plans to the need and budget of your clients' large organisation. Talk to our team to discuss the details and get a quote.
Short-term health
The plan covers acute medical emergencies abroad, when employees are outside of their country of residence and of  employment, for up to 90 or 180 travel days per insurance year. Our Emergency Medical Cover for Business Travellers is specially designed for employers who want to cover the emergency medical needs of their staff while they work abroad.
Critical Illness
Avenue is critical illness international insurance that we’ve built to protect your employees in the unfortunate event of a serious condition. Avenue covers treatment for 12 types of medical cases of which three are specific for children. 
Life & Disability
Allianz Partners life and disability solutions - taking care of your employees and their families. We’ll support our members, providing them with comprehensive life and disability solutions that meet the needs of different companies, employees and their families.
Learn more about our widest range of insurance products, all with the convenience of a single point of contact for health, life and disability insurance products, as well as health and protection services.
Provides an additional lump sum to beneficiaries if the insured employee dies due to an accident, provided the death takes place within 365 days of the accident.
Accidental Dismemberment
Provides a lump sum to the insured employee if they lose a limb or limb function as a result of an accident, provided the dismemberment takes place within 365 days of the accident.
permanent disability
If an insured employee becomes permanently disabled as a result of an accident or illness, this benefit will provide financial security.
Provides financial security to insured employees who are unable to perform the essential duties of their own occupation and any suited occupation.
short term disablity
Provides financial security for up to two years to an insured employee who is unable to perform the material and substantial duties of their role as a result of an accident or illness.
In the event of the insured employee qualifying for Long or Short term disability, this benefit pays the employer's pension contibution (or less as selected) as a percentage of the employee salary.
Global Health Services
Global health services helps improve the quality of life of your team by supporting them with their mental health and wellbeing, improving health outcomes with preventive care, and making access to information and care as fast and easy as possible.
Administrative Services
Allianz Care has the experience and expertise to administer a range of insurance risks, including health, life, disability, and security. Companies not insured or part-insured with Allianz Care can still avail of our comprehensive international administration services.
Complete and return our Application Form available here. We will register you and issue a Broker Agreement with the terms and conditions of our partnership. Once the Broker Agreement is signed, we will provide you with an identification code (Agency ID), which will be used in your dealings with us.

Simply complete our form available here. A member of our sales team will contact you within 2 working days.

Please note that depending on the group sizeto insure we will either issue you with a book-rated quoteor with an experience-rated quote.

  • Small groups: 20 lives.
  • Medium groups: 20 to 100 lives
  • Large groups: 100+ lives

Book-rated quotes will be issued to clients who wish to insure a small group (20 policyholders or less) of people, or a large group of people (for over 20 policyholders)  with no historical claims data. Book-rated quotes are determined by the age and location of the group to insure.

For large group schemes where there is historical claims data available for the last three years, quotes will be determined by the claims experience

We offer a wide range of underwriting terms to suit your client’s needs.

More information 

  • We obtain a full understanding of the client’s requirements to offer the best solutions.
  • We draw up an implementation plan and start working towards the implementation of the group scheme.
  • Following implementation, our Policy Management Team (or the Relationship Manager, for large groups) can be consulted in relation to group administration queries or changes.
To understand how our invoicing process works please refer to our comprehensive guide available here.

Commission rates are agreed with you at the start of our partnership. Your commission payment will be calculated based on premiums that we have received from your clients, less taxes. A commission statement will be generated and emailed to you every month. Commission payment will be transferred to the account indicated by your agency when you became a registered broker for our products.

For commission queries, please contact our Finance Operations Team: Commissions@e.allianz.com

Treatment subject to pre-approval

For our international health insurance product, the pre-approval process (through the submission of a Treatment Guarantee Form) applies to most in-patient and high cost treatments indicated in the table of benefits. This process helps us assess each case, organise everything with the hospital before the insured person’s arrival and make direct payment of the hospital bill easier, where possible. 

Form is completed and sent to medical.services@e.allianz.com (If treatment is scheduled within 72 hours, Helpline will take the details over the phone). Insured person receives a response from us within 24 hours.       We will contact the hospital to organise payment of insured person’s bill directly, where possible. Our Medical Team will issue a Guarantee of Payment to the medical provider, authorising the treatment.

For all claims queries, please contact our Helpline:

+ 353 1 630 1301



Treatment not subject to pre-approval (Out-patient or dental treatment)

If treatment does not require our pre-approval, the insured person can simply pay the bill and claim the expenses from us:

Insured person receives treatment and pay the medical provider. Insured person claims costs via our MyHealth app or online portal (or claim form). We issue the eligible reimbursement and statement of accounts.

For all claims queries, please contact our Helpline:

+ 353 1 630 1301



Life and disability claims

For our life and disability products, the appropriate benefit application form needs to be completed and submitted to access benefits. Appropriate forms are available from us on request.
For all claims queries, please contact our Helpline:

+ 353 1 630 1301


Our international health product is sold as an annual contract. Typically two months before the group renewal date, we will prepare and email the following renewal documents to the broker/company’s main contact:
  • Renewal contract proposal, including an updated Table of Benefits and the renewal quote.
  • Current membership list, as generated from our system.
  • Information on any material changes to the policy wording, definitions, exclusions etc. that we may have applied across our products following our annual product review.

The client will be asked to review the membership list received and indicate any changes to be recorded by us at renewal (e.g. additions, deletions, changes or any mistakes).

Once the renewal proposal has been signed, we will process the cover renewal for all the members and we will issue the renewal documents (i.e. renewal letter, updated Insurance Certificate for the new cover year and Table of Benefits).

The renewal documents are made available to members on their MyHealth Digital Services accounts (where it has been selected), otherwise they will be sent via email, depending on request.

For queries related to renewals, please contact our Client Relationship Management Team. The contact details will be stated on the renewal proposal document.