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Vaccinations are among the most important and effective preventative measures that medicine can provide. As a rule, everyone who is given one is protected against that particular illness. A sustained high level of vaccination coverage can also eliminate illnesses that are only transmitted from person to person (polio, hepatitis B, measles etc).

The medical obligation begins with the primary immunisation of infants and toddlers, however it is also crucial to administer the required booster vaccinations, ensuring protection by vaccination at all ages.

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child states that children have the right to the best health care. This also includes protection against illnesses that can be avoided by immunisation.

Contraindications for vaccination

Anyone suffering from an acute infection should not be vaccinated until they have recovered from the infection. However, everyday infections with a temperature below 38 degrees (subfebrile) are not a contraindication, although existing allergies to ingredients of the vaccine can be a reason for vaccinations not to be administered. A specialist must be consulted for people with immunodeficiencies and the success of the vaccination must be monitored serologically (using a blood test).

Reactions to vaccination

Localised reactions such as reddening, swelling and tenderness around the injection site or general reactions such as fever, headache and muscle pains can occur within the first 72 hours after vaccination.

Severe undesirable reactions to vaccination are extremely rare.

The following applies for long-haul journeys or extended stays abroad:

  • Always follow specific advice, not received wisdom!
  • Travel medicine is subject to constant alterations and updates (epidemics, developing resistances) that apply on a temporary basis.
  • You must contact your GP or the local Institute of Tropical Medicine 4-6 weeks before your intended stay abroad so that you can take all necessary preventative measures.


Vaccination schedule from the Robert Koch Institut in Germany

Vaccinations schedule
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