Meet Ana, art lover and care champion

 August 22, 2019
Ana’s love for art stretches back to her childhood. She’s also been part of the Allianz team for two years. Her role as Client Representative means she’s in direct contact with customers when they need advice. We sat down with Ana to find out more about her passion for art and her life at Allianz.
‘I’ve been painting since I was very little. I even used to draw pictures on the walls of my house (sorry Mum!).  I signed each one, so it was always clear who the culprit was… Then I started watercolour classes at the age of 10. When I find the time to paint now, it’s like going back to my childhood.’
‘For me, art is everything. If I had to choose my favourite type of art, I’d choose painting. But I love all kinds of art – sculpture, theatre, literature, music, dance…’
‘I was born in southern Spain and lived there until I started working for Allianz Care in Dublin. My inspiration comes directly from where I was raised, a place full of colour and life.’
‘Van Gogh, Monet, Joaquin Sorolla, Bernini, Antonio Lopez, Julio Romero de Torres, to name but a few... And as I’m from Malaga, I have to include Pablo Picasso.’
‘Having a creative outlet allows you to use your mind for something else. For example, I had an arts and crafts blog in college to escape from all the books. It was my mental retreat.’
‘I work in Client Relationship Management as a Client Representative. No two days are ever the same!’
‘Progression. Allianz Care has given me the chance to progress in my career. I’ve grown both professionally and personally. I’ve met friends for life here – some of my colleagues are like my family in Ireland.’
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