Playing skiing

Meet Sibylle, Snowshredder and Care Champion

     January 07, 2020
My parents put me on skis when I was only three and from the stories they’ve told me, at first I hated it! However, then we spent almost every winter weekend in the mountains and I got really good at it - and when I started winning races, I really began to love it! 
In my case for sure. Everyone in my family is a skier. I think my parents made me learn how to ski before walking.

My least favourite thing is definitely carrying the skis. Sure, they got shorter and lighter over the years, but they’re still heavy to carry. Luckily, my partner gave me a lifetime commitment to always carry them for me! ☺

My absolute favourite thing is to stand on top of the mountain on early mornings, enjoying the wonderful view, the blue sky, and the sun shining on my face, before racing down the slopes covered with a layer of fresh powder.  

Every downhill is a race. No joking, I like to go fast. For this season again, I got myself the new Stöckli GS skis, and it wasn’t only for their good looks. 
I am the Sales Manager for Switzerland. My role is to develop the Swiss market and to look after broker and client relations. 
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