Meet Rosie, rugby captain and care champion

June 22, 2019

This month we are introducing you to Rosie, a rugby captain and Allianz Care champion. Rosie joined the team at Allianz Care over eight years ago, and it was here that she was first introduced to the world of tag rugby.

As Executive Assistant to the Chief Sales & Development Officer, Rosie plays a crucial role in acting as a point of contact between executives and employees. We sat down with Rosie to find out more about her role in Allianz and life as a rugby captain.

'It started about six years ago, while I was in Allianz Care. We do a lot of extra-curricular activities in Allianz and they needed ten people to make up a tag rugby team so I thought, ‘why not?’. We just went to training after work one day and one of the guys taught us the basics. I loved it immediately and the rest is history.'
'I never thought it would grow the way it has, but as I trained with the Allianz team my skills really developed and eventually I started playing at regional and country level. Playing for the Ireland national tag rugby team has really been an amazing experience. To see my teammates take home a bronze medal at the World Cup was such a proud moment.'
'Absolutely, it’s so social and a great way to meet people. That was one of the best aspects of joining the Allianz Care tag team. You meet people across multiple departments, you build a network and you start to develop really great friendships. It was never really about the winning or the tournaments, it was just about getting involved. It’s great to have something to balance out all the work and study as well.'
'I am, I’m studying for a Masters in Business Administration at the moment so it is a bit of a balancing act, but I really love it. When I initially joined Allianz Care, I had just graduated from college in England and joined the team as an intern. Fast forward a few years and I’ve settled down in Ireland, progressed in my role and now have a chance to further develop my skills again. So, it’s really been an amazing journey.'
'It definitely is my development. There is a great focus on helping people grow and develop in Allianz Care. I have been afforded some excellent opportunities. To join the team on a five-month internship and to be here now, eight years later, in a great role and part of a great team just speaks to how much they appreciate people.'
'I think it would be growth. Growing professionally in skills and education, growing as a person and growing a real network and a family. Everyone really is there to support each other, to help each other and to just get to know each other. If I didn’t join that tag rugby team I’m not sure where I’d be now but I’m so glad that I did.'
Every month we’ll be introducing you to a new Allianz Care Champion. People are at the heart of what we do and we think it’s important to showcase the wonderful staff who are here every day to help our thousands of customers across the globe.