Meet John, Sunday Golfer and Care Champion

     March 25, 2020
My dad is an avid golfer so my love began at a young age, probably around 10 years old, in the back garden chipping golf balls into buckets with him. He introduced me to his golf club at 12 years old, that was when my two best friends and I really caught the ‘golf bug’.
I remember the summer of my first year in college when my friends and I took off for New York and caddied at a famous golf course in Long Island. The exclusive club had hosted five US Open championships and it was rumoured that even US presidents could struggle to get a round in! Every Monday afternoon Caddies had the chance to play the course and we, of course, took full advantage. I played there all summer long, those days are amongst my fondest memories. 
Without a doubt! Golf is very humbling – one day you think that you have the game figured out and the next you feel like giving it up! It’s deceptively simple and endlessly complicated. It really taught me the value of patience as a young lad, it's easy to get frustrated when you’re not hitting shots like the pros. There is also great honour in golf which you don’t see in a lot of other sports – you’ll often see golfers call penalties on themselves. But, respect is the big one. Golf has very clear etiquette regarding respect for yourself, your competitors and the golf course - which I try to live in everyday life. 
Augusta National, Georgia - the home of the Masters, a tournament I have watched on TV with my dad since I was a child! Even just stepping onto the course to see it would be amazing, but playing it would probably be an unobtainable life goal unless I win the lotto or befriend a member of the club!
I am a Client Relationship Manager. Essentially my role is to ensure that our corporate clients have a positive experience at all times and enjoy working with us year after year.
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