Meet Roisin, equestrian and care champion

  October 22, 2019
I always had a passion for horses from a very young age. My weekends would be spent at the stables. After a day spent in the arena I would muck out the stables, groom and feed the horses.
When I was younger, I was involved in a lot of other sports where I would play competitively. So, I decided to not compete in horse riding but keep it as something that was just fun. I could go and do it at my own leisure and ease.
It’s just such a great escape from everyday life. A trek in the mountains does wonders for clearing your head. Being out in the fresh air, whether you are with friends or solo, is fantastic. It’s so important to have something that you enjoy to do outside of work hours. It’s essential for relieving stress and just having fun.
As a Senior Helpline Officer, we are one of the first points of contact for our customers. For every shift, we start our day by checking the daily plan and what our key tasks are that day. So, every day differs and it helps keep everything really interesting. Whether it’s through email or phone calls, every day we are dealing directly with them to help with whatever problems they’re facing. No day is the same so it helps keep everything interesting.
My experience being part of Allianz Care has always been rewarding. In the Helpline, we work directly with our members whether it's by phone or email. Our members put their trust in our hands, its always nice to be able to put a member at ease knowing that their treatment will be covered and that Allianz will follow the case from start to finish.
Every month we introduce you to a new Allianz Care Champion. People are at the heart of what we do and we think it’s important to showcase the wonderful staff who are here every day to help our thousands of customers across the globe