Meet Eman, Swimmer and Care Champion

     June 25, 2020
I have actually suffered from aquaphobia since childhood, often feeling overwhelmed with thoughts of the sea, especially when glancing over to the deeper side, my aquaphobia really kicked in. My biggest fear was taking my feet off the bottom when I had nothing to hold on to around. However, around four years ago, I decided to break that fear and start swimming. I attended swimming schools and learned from swimming tutors, and now, I can confidently jump into the deep end and move smoothly through the water with my newly learned strokes and techniques.
One of my favorite aspects of swimming is that it feels like a whole new world is opening up!  For a moment, it feels like I’m flying through the pool ignoring all other distractions and thoughts.
I prefer open water swimming where I can feel  the sense of freedom, neither enclosed, nor bounded - with no restrictions, no rules, no separation of class. Sea swimming is also healthier as the salt in the sea is better for physical health and your immune system unlike pools that are often crowded, full of chlorine, static and boring.
This ‘super sport’ helped me to get into the best shape of my life. I’m more flexible, I can exercise at higher intensities on a regular basis and it has improved my breathing techniques and lung capacity a lot.
One day, I hope that my dream will come true to visit “Playa del Amor”, commonly known as the ‘Hidden Beach’ in the Marieta Islands in Mexico. It’s part of a chain of islands formed by underwater volcanic eruptions. It's called the ‘Hidden Beach’ because it's invisible from the outside and can only be accessed by swimming through a tunnel that connects it to the pacific ocean.
It’s an ideal activity for all ages, from young babies to older adults. It is a low impact exercise, so the strain on joints, muscles and your back are very much reduced, and it’s also good for your circulation and blood pressure. In addition, swimming tones the body, strengthens the muscles, improves stamina and balance, relieves stress and tension, and helps to build your heart muscles and lung capacity. It is often recommended for people recovering from certain surgical procedures as it helps to build the muscles also moving, breathing and getting blood flowing, it helps your body heal itself quicker.
I often swim solo for my own peace and tranquility, however there’s nothing better than jumping into the water with friends on a summer’s day!
I consider hobbies stress relievers or mental escapes. For me, it decreases my stress by helping me relax and takes my mind off the pressing concerns of daily life. 
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