Meet Pamela, Hip Hop Dancer and Care Champion

     March 04, 2021
When I was a kid I did all sorts of activities, but I was always dancing around my house. When I was not dancing, I was watching dancing movies and keeping up with all kinds of music! One day I decided to go to my first group dance class and I knew from then on, all other activities would never compare to dancing. It's not just an activity or hobby, but who I am!
I am deeply connected with music, so naturally movement is an expression that comes with the song and feeling. I dance when I am sad, happy, stressed, sick and tired of everyone or just really “into myself”. It's interesting to see what comes out with each emotion ☺
That’s impossible! Like I said, I am really connected to music and I find new songs every day while also going back to my oldies but goldies. If I had to choose, maybe something by Biggie or Missy, but it’s an impossible choice ☺
Confidence! This is what I always try to convey during my classes or my videos. It’s the best way for me, personally, to not think and tune-out - which is probably odd because you are actually using your brain a lot. It also helps me destress and show off that inner ‘sass’ which tends to then feed into my everyday life and naturally influences my decisions and behaviour - in a great way!
I love to dance by myself and for an audience. I usually don’t like much attention, but I must admit that when I dance for others I do love it! I teach some classes every now and then, but they are mostly relaxation/feel good/fusion type classes with just a little bit of technique. I also try to participate in as many classes as I can, which are all online these days.
I am a claims officer in Allianz Care.
Exploring! Exploring the customer, the system, the teamwork behind it and the efficiency people sometimes don’t realise they possess. It’s been an intensive learning curve with great teamwork along the way!
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