Meet Scarlett, mountain climber and care champion

    December 20, 2019
Definitely, yes! I find adventure everywhere - I love running, hiking, walking and all kinds of outdoor activities.
My husband and I went hiking this year in Utah and I absolutely loved it, a trip not to be forgotten. There is something very special about the US national parks, I can’t get enough, but next on my list is definitely Yosemite in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. The giant sequoia trees and granite cliffs look breathtaking! Hiking on the Inca trails in Peru is also a bucket list destination of mine.
You can’t beat the fresh air to help reinvigorate and make you totally switch off. Mentally, I can relax much better when taking a long walk or hiking than lying on the sofa. I’m hooked on the feeling it gives me - it makes me reconnect and ultimately makes me happier and satisfied.
There are so many personally and professionally. For one, I'm very proud of my first half-marathon which I ran this past August. Being part of such a great team in Allianz Care is also something I pride myself on. We have achieved a lot together and reached many milestones over the years, and there is so much more to come ;)
I always tell myself that I don't need to be better than anybody else, I just need to be better than I was the last time. That goes for sports and at work.
I like being prepared and hate doing things last minute - which unfortunately, sometimes can't be avoided. I always try to have a plan in place for whatever I do, that way a huge task doesn't seem so bad anymore. It’s more achievable when you are prepared and break it down into more manageable pieces and know what is involved. One step at a time...
I've been working in Marketing for the last 6 years and while I’ve always worked in the same team, my role, tasks and projects have changed a lot over the past 6 years - which is great! Having the chance to work on many different projects, and with many different teams, it makes my role so diverse and keeps every day interesting and new. 
It would be "journey" - for myself professionally and personally, and for Allianz Care as well. 
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